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They Are More than Just Names!
Have You Found Out Your Purpose in Life?
Are You Looking for a Fine Pearl of Great Value?
Does the Name of God “Jehovah-Jireh” Mean that He Will Provide for Our Material Needs?
What Does the Name of Jesus Mean to You?
You Can Do Nothing Apart from Him
7. The Spirit of God in the Life of Jesus

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Finding Jesus

Do You Know This Jesus?
Look and Live!
What Have You Left to Follow Jesus?
No Failure in Life is Final If at Last You Find the King!
Will the Queen of the South Rise Up Against You?
What You Need Is a Word from Jesus!
Grab Your Opportunity. Jesus of Nazareth Is Passing By!
In the Beginning
Have You Been with Jesus?
The Holy Spirit @ Christmas Time
Jesus and Healing

Wisdom for Practical Living

Your Tongue Needs a Guard and You Will Find It Here
Do You Lack the Courage to Wait for God?
Do You Lack Joy in Your Life?
Too Much Emphasis on the Body, Good or Bad?
You Reap What You Sow!
What Does it Mean To Be Saved by Grace?
The Conveyor Belt that Carries Worries Away!
Are You Facing a Closed Door in Your Life?
Be Holy
Choose to Serve God as a Family
Trust God When Opportunities Fail to Knock

Fight Against the Flesh

Is Egypt Still in Your Heart?
Are You Rebellious Against God? Do You Want To Do Things Your Own Way?
Do You Know That Yesterday’s Anointing Is Not Enough for Today’s Battle?
Why Do You Persist in Rebellion?
God Is Calling You to Walk in Holiness
“Did God Really Say?”
Repent and Live!
From Ever-increasing Wickedness to Holiness
Guard Your Heart and Thoughts
Remember Lot’s Wife!
Lust of the Eyes–Part I
Lust of the Eyes–Part II
Are You a Slanderer?
A Sin Checklist!


Do You Wait for God to Speak to You?
Did You Know Good News Not Shared Is a Punishable Offence?
Communication Landmines in a Marriage That Blow Up
When God Questions You and You Don’t Have the Answers!
Speak the Truth in Love
The Foolishness of God
What Kind of Stories Are You Telling?
God’s Concern, Your Concern?
You Are the Man—The Power of the Story!
Foolishness of the Cross
How To Be an Effective Witness
2. Our Teacher

Love for God

“Why This Waste?”
How to Approach God
Seeking God!
Where Is Your Eye Today?
But Me She Forgot

Judgement/Jesus’ Second Coming

666. The Mark of the Beast!
Be Prepared!
Will You Miss His Coming?
The Blessed Hope–The Second Coming of Jesus Christ


Why the Need for Repetitiveness in Worship?
God Is Inviting You To Be Holy!
If Sin Defeats You, the Cause Is Within You!
“Who Do You Say I am?”
Are You Running Away from the LORD?
Follow Me!
Are You Rebellious Against God? Do You Want To Do Things Your Own Way?
Not Ashamed of the Gospel


Is God Looking at You to Play a Supporting Role?
Two Words: But God!
The Unseen Hand of God
Readiness! Watchfulness! Preparedness!
Did You Miss Something this Christmas?
God’s Guidance for Change
Fishers of Men
It Was Not You, but God
Are You Facing a Test?
What Shall I do, Lord?


Run As To Get the Prize
Enoch Walked with God; So Can You!
But Daniel Resolved Not to Defile Himself
I Would Rather Be a Doorkeeper!
One Aim. One Passion. One Desire–Preach the Gospel!
Make It Your Goal to Please Him
Return to Your First Love
Run So As To Get the Prize

Awards Gallery

God Does Not Forget Your Faithful Service
Your Trouble; Someone Else’s Salvation!
God Is Looking for One Man

God and You

“Where Are You?”
Against All Hope, Abraham in Hope Believed God!
Blessed Is the Man God Disciplines
Begin with God
Encouraged by the Holy Spirit
But God Remembered Noah
What He Opens No One Can Shut
Let Us Throw Off, Let Us Run, Let Us Fix Our Eyes
The Romance Beside the Fire
Seek Me and Live
Closed Doors are a Blessing

Strength in God

Caleb, Who Followed God Wholeheartedly
Exaltation Comes from God
Another Helper for You!
How to Pray
Mount Up with Wings as Eagles
100 God-Inspirational Tweets from Love’s Ark
I Am the God of Bethel
Even in Darkness Light Dawns For the Upright
For the Sake of David
Carried on Eagles’ Wings
Friendship with God
The LORD Set a Time
A Broken Heart
Man Does Not Live on Bread Alone
Power Made Perfect in Weakness
Finding Strength in God!
In the Nick of Time


What Means God’s Holiness to You Today?
Will God Forget You?
There Is Only a Step Between Me and Death
Prosperity Gospel Exposed!
Are You Standing on Holy Ground?
I Will Pour Out My Spirit
Don’t You Know Me
Now There Was a Famine in the Land
Since This Is Your Heart’s Desire
When Jars Break and Torches Shine
Let Nothing Be Wasted
Priorities–God First
Now Amnon Had A Friend
According to the Plan Shown You
Let My People Go!
El-Shaddai–God Almighty
Simple Success Tips from the Life of Joshua
Stages of Christian Growth
6. The Promise

10 Great Attitudes

(A simple study based on Philippians)
10 Great Attitudes–Part I
10 Great Attitudes–Part II
10 Great Attitudes–Part III
10 Great Attitudes–Part IV
10 Great Attitudes–Part V10 Great Attitudes–Part VI

More Attitudes

Are You Good at Your Work?
The Lord Needs It
Call Upon Me in the Day of Trouble
What Are You Doing at the Foot of the Cross?
Two Kinds of Responses During Trouble
Like Clay in the Hand of the Potter
Live Your Life As Strangers
A Sacrifice of Praise
Are You Complacent?

Looking Ahead

For Nothing Is Impossible with God
Stand Firm and See the Deliverance
My Hope Is in You
Never Expected to See
Seeing God Behind Closed Doors
What Is Your Name?

Your Relationship with God

Part 1 Your Relationship with God
Part 2 Love, Not Fear
Part 3 Gift, Grace, Glory
Part 4 The LORD Is Your Shepherd
Part 5 A Simple Lesson-Praise!
Part 6 Friendship with God
Part 7 What Does God Require of You?
Part 8 Your Father in Heaven
Part 9 The God Who Encourages You
Part 10 Connecting with God–The Role of Faith
Part 11 Listening to God
Part 12 Walking in Holiness

Red Light | Look | Stop | Proceed

Examples, Warnings, and Encouragement
Count Yourselves Dead to Sin
Those Who Walk in Pride
Do Not Despise Your Birthright
Saying “No” When Others Say “Yes”
Suicide is NOT an option but God’s help is!

Finding God’s Will

Benefits of Obeying God’s Will
Lessons of God’s Will from the Life of Jesus
1. Choices Jesus Made
2. Peace Jesus Enjoyed
3. Jesus Pleased God
4. Jesus was Purpose-Driven
5. Jesus’ Sense of Timing
6. Higher Priorities Jesus Had
7. Christ’s Perseverance
About God’s Will and Right Sexual Conduct

Meet the Holy Spirit

A Beginner’s Introduction to the Holy Spirit
Meet the Holy Spirit: An Introduction
1. You Are Not Alone
2. Our Teacher
3. Our Helper in Prayer
4. Our Guide
5. A New Relationship
6. The Promise
7. The Spirit of God in the Life of Jesus

Wake Up
Jesus, The Cross, and You!
God’s Attention-Grabbers
Be Dressed Ready
Be What God Wants You To Be
The God of Empty Spaces
Failed Expectations
Called to Be Fishers of Men
A Girl’s Story
The Fruit of Patience
Renewal of Strength
Jesus Talks About The End
Are You Irreparable?

The Money Box in Your Heart
Manipulation in the Name of Blessings
God–The Source of Your Supply
Giving Even When It Hurts

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