10 Great Attitudes–Part I


Paul wrote from prison to the Philippians. It is a kind of personal letter filled with joy. So many of us face less hardships in life; but go through life with a defeatist attitude. As we go through this letter Paul wrote we can find some great attitudes that will help us live a victorious life in Jesus Christ.

#1. Attitude of Confidence
Paul was confident in the Lord. He was certain that God who began will also complete. We need to first of all remember that we did nothing for our salvation except believing in the Lord Jesus and his shed blood on the cross for us. It all began with God.

Therefore in spite of all discouragement that you might be going through right now; be confident that God “who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion” (1:6). We should be armed with this confidence that what God began in our life, our family, our education, our ministry, our work or whatever sphere of influence you find yourself useful; God will also complete.

This confidence is a must; and this attitude will help you win over whatever depression you are going through right now.

#2. A Prayerful Attitude
Paul mixed everything in prayer and soaked everything in prayer. He definitely had separate times of prayer; but as we read his letters we get the impression that there was no moment when he was not in an attitude of prayer. He was in constant touch with God. He prayed with joy (1:4), and he prayed with thanksgiving (4:6).

The problem with many of us is that we think of prayer as a laborious task and therefore we postpone it for a right moment (which never comes!). The easiest way to pray is to start thanking God for any simple blessing you are enjoying in life now; for example your being able to read this.

There are seasons when prayer does not seem to reach God; those are quite normal and necessary for us to develop strong muscles of prayer. Whatever it be; right now just life your hearts to God the Father, call him Abba and just praise him.

#3. Rejoice in the Advance of the Gospel Attitude
Nothing delights God more than the salvation of souls for which Christ came and shed his precious blood on the cross. God’s heart is always a missionary heart and a sending heart.

Paul understood this well. He was in chains right now in Rome. But he is happy that his being in prison chained to a Roman soldier helped many in the palace guard to hear the gospel. (1:13, 14). Who knows the setbacks you are facing now are really helping the gospel advance and helping people to hear the gospel who otherwise would never have heard it!

Moreover, other believers were encouraged to speak the gospel more fearlessly and courageously because Paul had this rejoicing attitude even while in chains for the gospel. So keep a rejoicing attitude when you are able to preach the gospel even when the opposition is strong.

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