Aaron–Called by God

God constantly has His eyes on His work on earth. And He has placed His children in key positions of leadership to take care of His flock. He does this by calling people into His service.

The methods and circumstances through which His chosen are called may vary. Yet what underlies it all is the … Read the rest

Moses–Hard Choices for Christ’s Sake

We live by choices. Everyday we make hundreds of them. Some of them like choosing what to eat are simple choices.

But there are certain choices that demand careful thought. Because these choices can affect the way we live, act and think.

They can determine the final outcome of our life. It can bring success … Read the rest

Elijah–A Man Just Like Us

Most Christians carry a wrong idea that the saints of the Bible were extraordinary people. This is a very wrong thought. The saints may have been outstanding in their achievements for God.

But in their nature, they were quite ordinary people like you and me. It might seem hard to believe.

But that it is … Read the rest

Patterns from the Bible

As we read the Bible, we come across patterns. Patterns become recognizable when a reader sees a spiritual truth that is stated in one part of the Bible being repeated in a similar fashion in yet another portion of the Bible.

The very fact that God has said something twice means that He wants us … Read the rest