How To Be an Effective Witness

So many of us wonder how effective is our witness for Christ. Often we get discouraged that we are not called or gifted to do something spectacular for God. This is because we are often influenced by the value systems of the world which equates success with great performances.

But we need to understand that God does His greatest works through silent and quiet witness of practically unknown people. A taxi driver, a store keeper, a sweeper or a teacher can all impact the world around them with the good news about Jesus Christ by letting the light within them shine through. This they can do through little deeds of kindness and also by doing their daily duties excellently well as if doing for God than for man. Such things are ordinary acts done well.

Somehow these little acts create a good influence for the gospel. In fact, these simple acts are what bring people to believe in Jesus Christ. One example recorded for us in the Bible is what the people said of John the Baptist: ” `Though John never performed a miraculous sign, all that John said about this man was true.’ And in that place many believed in Jesus” (John 10:41, 42 NIV). How striking that testimony is.

So dear discouraged brother, sister in Christ, God is not asking you to do some spectacular work for Him. Instead He is asking you to BE a light for Him. God is not expecting a performance from you. Nor do you need to get discouraged by not seeing results to your testimony immediately. It was after the death of John the Baptist that these people came to believe in Jesus. Your words of truth and your deeds of kindness will continue to bear fruit even when you’re gone.

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