The LORD Set a Time

God has set a time in your life for everything. 
While the children of Israel were groaning in Egypt because of slavery and misery, God send a deliverer in the form of Moses. He and his brother Aaron spoke to Pharaoh to let the people of God go to worship him.

But Pharaoh refused. Several plagues followed. And when the plague on the livestock of the Egyptians was announced to Moses, we find it recorded that:

“The LORD set a time and said, ‘Tomorrow the LORD will do this in the land”

(Exodus 9:5 NIV).

Isn’t it comforting to note that even when the misery of circumstances lies heavily upon us, God is in control of every situation? Most importantly, the time to act on our behalf is of God’s choosing. God has set a time for your deliverance. And he will act at the proper time.

Several instances in Scripture prove this point. Joseph thought that the cupbearer whose dream he had interpreted would speak to Pharaoh and get him out of prison; but the Bible records that the cupbearer forgot about Joseph for two full years (Genesis 40:23; 41:1).

But then certain events made the cupbearer remember Joseph. But the delay was to show Joseph that God was in control and the timing was perfect for Joseph to be made governor of entire Egypt. If the cupbearer had remembered Joseph two years earlier, he possibly would have become somebody else’s slave and not the ruler of Egypt.

When you are in trouble and you earnestly hope for deliverance; do not get discouraged by unusual delays. If you have trusted God fully; know that God has set a time to deliver you and exalt you. Wait for it. In spite of all doubts and despair; know that he is preparing you for the position ahead.

God is not just ruler over individual lives but the entire world. The Book of Daniel shows God in charge of the entire world history till its destined end. It shows the rise and fall of major kingdoms which ruled the world ending with the coming kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

About the huge changes happening on world stage, Daniel records: “He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them” (Daniel 2:21) [emphasis added]. If God controls the affairs of the entire world; how much more he is in charge of your life and the changes that happen in your life as well!

As the Psalmist said, let us also say and believe, “My times are in your hands (31:15).” Yes God knows what he is doing in your life. Even when it seems that you have crossed the breaking point and you cannot endure one more moment; God will come to your rescue. Why? Because God has set a time!

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