A Simple Lesson-Praise!

(Part 5–Your Relationship with God)

Most Christians learn this simple lesson only years and years after they come to have a relationship with God. But if you can start at this point, then you’ll enjoy your relationship with God much better.

After the initial joy of becoming a Christian, a person is soon faced with many little problems in his personal life. It can be related to his doubts about faith in God, it can be difficulties related to his friends making fun of him for having found “religion,”

it can be problems in family life, financial difficulties, sickness, suffering of other sorts, and perhaps fear and worries about future. When all this comes, the joy of a Christian seems to disappear. Instead of living above these difficulties, he goes under them.

It is then he forgets the language he learned when he found Jesus Christ. You might ask, “What is this language?” It is the language of praise. Because salvation is God’s gift to you, you started your relationship with God by thanking Him; didn’t you?

And for some days or months you were full of joy and kept thanking God for all the little blessings in your life. During that time, you were totally focused on God and His greatness. And your heart naturally lifted up in praise.

But what about now? Is the joy gone from your lives? Is it not because you are now too much focusing on your troubles? Go for a change. Go for the language of your relationship with God. Stop complaining and grumbling. Stop saying that nobody cares for you.

Instead start praising God in your difficulties. For He is greater than all your problems. He might not solve all of them the way you wish. But even then He deserves your praise.

If you can simply start to thank God for His love for you, simply tell Him how great He is, and simply tell Him that you love Him however sinful and full of failures you are; you have started back on the road of praise. That will make a huge difference.

The Bible says that the purpose of Jesus’ coming to us was to give us “the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” So dear friend, let your relationship with God be marked with joyous shouts of praise and not mournful groans of despair.

Your God lives. He is not dead. He cares for you. So praise Him now. He will come to help you soon. Never let your troubles and doubts stop you from praising Him. Praise defeats your enemies, both spiritual and physical, more than any other weapon in prayer. Praise God.

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