Your Father in Heaven

(Part 8–Your Relationship with God)

Earthly fathers are not perfect. Some of them are even known to abuse their children. So it is not easy for us to understand the loving nature of God the Father. Unlike earthly parents, God is not imperfect. He combines love, wisdom and discipline in dealing with His children.

The simple thing God the Father expects from us is trust. No matter how difficult our circumstances in life are, God the Father is watching over us. He who is concerned about the fall of a sparrow is more concerned about you and me. He is not asking us not to plan for tomorrow, but He is asking us not to worry about tomorrow. Therefore if we are willing to live one day at a time, then we are honouring God the Father by our trust in His care.

Those who live one day at a time have the ability to be thankful to God for even small blessings of life. For they recognize that in all these little things, it is God who is providing for them. They also learn to roll their burdens on to the shoulders of God the Father. Blessed are you if you learn this secret. When God carries our burdens, there is no need for us to carry it also. Yes, the Bible says that God carries our burdens daily. So start each new day by thanking for the gift of another day and end each day by giving your burdens to God to carry it for you.

Yet another secret of worry-free living is to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness first. It simply means to put God first in your life. Whenever you take decisions, seek His counsel first. It also means that you share God’s concern for the lost people of this world. It means that you love to pray for those who need to find God and His salvation. It also means that you are willing to give your money to missionary causes and rejoice when God’s work on earth gets done. When you live like this you enjoy a father-child relationship with God the Father.

Your prayer life will change when you enjoy such a relationship with God. For Jesus told us not to keep on babbling (talking that is confused or silly) like those who do not know God. For it is not many words that impress God. Instead He, being your heavenly Father, knows what you need before you ask Him. He knows what we need. And He gives us whatever we need. At times, He denies our requests, because He in His wisdom knows that it is not good for us. At other times He delays the answers so that we trust Him more. To sum up, confidence in prayer is the result when you enjoy a father-child relationship with God. There is great freedom and joy in this relationship.

If you choose to enjoy such a relationship with God, know that there will be many to criticize you. The sad thing is that many Christians will also be there to advice you to stop depending on God so much. This happens because they have not learned the secret of joyful living. They are not conscious of God the Father caring for them.

When you enjoy God’s care, it does not mean that you have no responsibility of your own. You need to do whatever God has given responsibility for you to do. At the same time, you are not going to worry about how you are going to manage all your responsibilities because it is God who is giving you the ability and wisdom and strength to do what you are responsible to do. The secret is to be conscious always that God the Father is watching over you. He sleeps not. He watches over all your ways. So live one day at a time and free from worry for your Father in heaven cares for you.

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