Trust God When Opportunities Fail to Knock

What is your response when doors of opportunity are all closed?
Do you despair?
Or do you trust God to create opportunities for you?

Trusting God seems old–fashioned. It also will look like evasion of responsibility. But to those who dare to dream and to achieve, God is an active player in the game.

First of all let us consider the seeming hopelessness of closed doors. Either you can choose to give up or you can pray to God to create an opportunity that never existed till then. The Bible says that God calls forth those things that are not as though they were. Thus God creates reason to hope and brings new opportunities where none existed. This act of creating new opportunities out of nothing is truly a God-specialisation.

Secondly let us look at our responsibility when doors are closed. One way to respond is to ask, seek and knock. Well, closed doors demand persistent knocking. At the same time there is a more important and creative thing to do. When doors are closed and nothing seems to happen, it is the right time and the best time to sharpen your skills. A dull axe doesn’t bring success, but a sharpened blade does. In that way you can be prepared for your opportunity when it comes. Some call that luck.

Thirdly, know that God rarely acts through supernatural means. Instead, he takes glory in using the most unlikely human channels at the most unexpected moments to open doors for us. Therefore it is important to stay connected with people. And the best people relationship skill you can and should master is the skill of listening. When you genuinely listen to people, allowing them to talk about their passions and achievements you are getting connected to a great network of successful people who can help you to achieve as well.

Finally, never give up hope. I know it is easy to say that and most difficult to practice. Never lose faith in your God-given ability and calling when all doors remain shut in your face. When you are in troubled waters, you can survive if you can keep your head above water. Likewise, keep your mind above negative thoughts that flood you at such a time. One sure way to do so is to thank God for opening doors when such a remote possibility does not even seem to exist.

Dear friend, let me remind you that you are good enough to make a comeback. It takes perseverance to hold on in difficult times. But you emerge a better person out of it. And you find yourself ready for the opportunity when it comes, because you have been tested and tried and have emerged as gold!

“See, I have placed before you an open door no one can shut”

— Jesus Christ (Revelation 3:8)

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