Make Money Grow Little By Little in a Post-Pandemic World

Make money grow little by little. You never know how much power 1 rupee has until you try to get a train ticket when you are having 1 rupee less than needed. So it doesn’t matter if your saving is small; but store it up little by little. One day you’ll be surprised that it becomes a significant amount to help you meet a need.

Do not try to get rich quickly. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil,” says the Bible. It does not say money is evil; but the love of money is what creates trouble. Lifestyles of people with money, and advertisements that show “happy” people tempt us to get rich quickly. If you fall for that temptation you will try to get money by easy, unlawful or unethical methods. That will land you up in trouble.

Try to be a giver. When you give to others who are in need and to those who are poor; you are earning freedom—freedom from worry. That is because when you give to those who lack; you are in fact giving to God. “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done” said King Solomon. He makes it a priority to take care of your needs. So when God is in the business of taking care of you; you can live without worry.

Not all our wishes will be granted; because God is a loving Father who knows what is good for us. But since God is feeding the birds of the air (who do not store up their food) on a daily basis, he will take care of you because you are more valuable and precious in his eyes than all the birds of the air.

Do not try to spend what you do not have. Credit cards, for example, give you a lot of freedom in using money. But that also tempts people to pay in advance money they don’t really have with them. There are several people who spend in advance in the hope that they will get money from some work they will be doing soon; but what if that project does not work out? Then they fall into debt; and to get out of debt they will borrow further. This is a vicious cycle and can ruin people.

Always control your buying or your expenses. When the money is in your hand; it is yours. When you spend it; it cannot be recovered. So prioritize your spending. Do not waste money on what is not absolutely necessary. Then you will be able to spend wisely and you’ll have money to spare.

Then there is another way in which money is drained away. You buy small little insignificant things just because you liked it when you saw it. At the end of the day all your big currency notes would have become small change and you would wonder where all the money disappeared to.

Invest wisely. Generally people lose heavily when they try to make easy money. Those projects which promise that your money will multiply quickly are generally to be treated with caution.

Avoid last minute rush in buying. Instead plan in advance, get information regarding competing products and prices, find out more about after-sales services offered, and negotiate for a win-win.

Finally, remember that there is nothing of your money that you carry to your grave. You go empty- handed. Alexander the Great made that a point when he had his hands hang out of his coffin with palms open.

So be faithful with the money that God has entrusted you with; for at best you are just a steward of what God has given you and nothing more. Make money your slave and servant; and never let it master you. And do good to others with your money and you’ll have treasures in heaven you can spend an eternity with.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Jesus Christ

“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty” — King Solomon (Proverbs 14:23/Bible NIV)

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