God Will Show Mercy on You

When everything fails and you have no one to hold on to, seek God’s mercy.

If you have wondered whether God can stretch his mercy a little bit more; yes he can and he will; for you!

He is holy; and God is a God of justice. Yet he listens to the cry of a … Read the rest

I Wanna Go Home!

It is only when you get lost somewhere that you realize, “I simply wanna go home!”

The moment you realize you are lost is a starting point.

You can choose to give up everything as lost. Or, you can start redirecting your steps towards home. In your mind’s eye you can think of your tearful … Read the rest

For I Know the Plans I Have For You!

586 B. C. A nation was being led into exile and captivity. Only few were left. All that they had pinned their hopes on were now gone–their city, the well fortified city of Jerusalem; it was destroyed, and their temple, the magnificent temple of great splendour that Solomon built; it was burnt to the ground.… Read the rest

Your Peace Came at a Huge Price!

“The punishment that brought us peace was upon him (Isaiah 53:5).”

Your peace depends totally, absolutely, completely and finally on this accomplished fact. There is nothing left for you to add to this fact. Just trust in what Jesus did on the cross for you.

You come to such an acceptance by humbling yourself before … Read the rest

Do You Know This Jesus?

Immanuel. God with us (Matthew 1:23).

Jesus is God with us. His birth brought God near to us. A holy God shook hands with sinners, visited their homes and ate with them.

He attended weddings as well as funerals. He blessed weddings with his abundance and disrupted funerals with life-gifting power.

He was a doctor … Read the rest

Finding Strength in God!

There are some moments in life you are left alone—deserted by friends and family. Those are moments everyone blames you. And you have no one to turn to for comfort or support.

David faced numerous such situations in life. But in none was he left alone like the situation he found himself in Ziklag. All … Read the rest

Two Words: But God!

But God. Two words. What a difference it makes if you can look at your situations through these two words.
But God (Genesis 45:7, 8). Joseph is looking at his life through this lens.

But it took him a long time; nearly twenty-two years to come to this point. All along the way, right when … Read the rest

Trust in God When You Are Afraid

Fear strikes at times we least expect it.

Does being a believer insure you from being afraid? No is the answer.
Is being afraid something to be ashamed about? Again, no is the answer. The Bible honestly shows us how great saints of God were afraid at certain difficult times in their lives. We also … Read the rest

God’s Compassions Never Fail

Did you wake up with heaviness in your heart this morning?

Perhaps you were troubled by disturbing dreams at night. Or you had promised God not to do something again; but did it one more time.

Sometimes your problems and worries looked so large and threatening. There was great fear in your heart and mind.… Read the rest

When God Comes Searching for You!

Some moments in life cannot be forgotten. One such moment is when God comes searching for you. It can be a time when you had sinned and walked away from him.

More often it can be a time of barrenness when nothing good seems to happen and you are depressed. Out of nowhere God brings … Read the rest

Another Helper for You!

Jesus sent us another helper. Just like him. The Holy Spirit.

+ He is the one who makes God’s presence and love real in our lives.

+ He is the one called alongside to help. That is what his name parakletos (in Greek) means.

+ He is the one who not only authored the Scriptures … Read the rest

Confidence in Your Elder Brother!

What is the feeling of a little boy as he walks the street with his big elder brother? Confidence is the answer in one word. Confidence in the elder brother’s protective care, sure about his ability to meet any crisis, and almost an attitude of boasting to kids of his age “See, big brother is … Read the rest