From Ever-increasing Wickedness to Holiness

Those who have tried to break from sin and sinful habits know what is being a slave to sin. The more you try to break free the more seems its magnetic pull. One thing we all need to note is that wickedness cannot be practiced without it increasing.

Therefore Paul warned believers saying, “Just as you used to offer parts of your body in slavery to impurity and ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer them in slavery to righteousness leading to holiness (Romans 6:19b NIV) [emphasis added].” The image of being a slave suggests that those who continue in sin are not in control of their lives; but are controlled by sin.

So many young believers fall into sin because of the pleasure that sin promises to give. At first small acts of sin give them great pleasure and they think that it is possible to live a Christian life and also take part in small sinful activities. But soon they learn one thing that the small acts of sin that gave them pleasure at the beginning fail to give them pleasure as time passes by.

So to find pleasure they try out more sinful methods resulting in ever-increasing wickedness. Then they become like unbelievers who indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more. (Ephesians 4:19).

What at first seemed like a harmless activity later leads to many sinful activities from which there is no escape unless the Holy Spirit of God comes and delivers in his mighty power. This is because the Bible points out that, “As no one is discharged in time of war, so wickedness will not release those who practice it (Ecclesiastes 8:8).”

The only possible method to get out of this sinful cycle of evil is to cry out to God to give you a thirst for holiness. For without this yearning after holiness, the Bible says that no one will see the Lord (see Hebrews 12:14). That is why when the godly king David realized that he had sinned greatly against God, he cried out, “Create in me a pure heart.” Why?

Because he came to realize that there was an increase of wickedness in his heart from the moment he cast a lustful look on a woman bathing. It led to adultery and murder and a lot of conflict and evil in his family as well.

Dear child of God, do not play with sin. Even though it looks harmless today, it will lead you to a path of ever-increasing wickedness. The little sin that satisfied you yesterday will not satisfy you today; and you will indulge in greater wickedness to satisfy the thirst for evil within you. Why destroy yourself and allow destruction to strike your dear ones too?

Cry out to God to give you a true repentance. Plead with him in tears to create in you a pure heart. And cry aloud to God with humility to give you a thirst after holiness. And may God be pleased to sanctify, cleanse, purify and wash you with the precious blood of his Son, Jesus Christ. Then go and live a new life in Christ.

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