Are You Rebellious Against God? Do You Want To Do Things Your Own Way?

“What to do next?” is a question that troubles us often. You can rely on your wisdom or consult with family and friends or even get expert opinion from other sources. It can turn out right as well.

But then there is someone waiting for you to ask. He is ever willing to guide you. But often you ignore him. He says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you (Psalm 32:8). Yes, God is ever ready to shine a light on your path; one step at a time.

But he also knows that you are stubborn. He knows that you are rebellious. Therefore he warns you not to be like the horse or the mule without understanding. They have to be forcefully controlled to obey directions. The truth is that you often are shown the right way. But in spite of it you resist going God’s way.

God may not always stop you from doing things your way. But know that his watching over you happens when you walk according to his guidance. And not when there is unconfessed sin in your life (see verses 3 and 4).

He has promised to teach you and counsel you. That means you should have a listening ear and a teachable spirit. You should acknowledge your sin and find forgiveness (see v. 5). And then God will be your hiding place (see v. 6).

Above all, it is clear that the guidance promised is not for tourists, visitors or sightseers. All that has been promised is for those who daily spend time with God; thereby building a personal, loving and abiding relationship with the Father in heaven.

Now you might have got a clue why you do not enjoy God’s guidance as much as you love to! Stop rebelling. For God’s way is best for you.

Rebellion means deviating from norms. Secular literature pictures Jesus Christ as a rebellious person because of the courage he has shown to fight many social injustices prevailed in his times. Whatever “rebellious” acts he did, he had a purpose in mind: do the will of God. Are you rebellious? What’s your purpose?

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