In the Beginning

All of us are curious as how it all began. John’s answer is simple and direct. “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God.” The Word is how John describes the wisdom and power of God, who is none other than Jesus.

The Word is full of majesty and glory. He was active in the creation of this world. It was through him and for his pleasure that all was created. He is beyond description.

There was life in him. This life, of a quality man have failed to understand, came to this world as light illuminating the darkness which had imprisoned men.

But then God became man. The Word became flesh. That means God came to be with us with all the limitations of man.

The picture John uses here is that of people dwelling in tents, and God pitching his tent among us to dwell with us. The glory of heaven was concealed inside a coarse human tent.

Christmas therefore is not simply joyful celebrations but a meditation on the glory of God. It is amazing to note that he became human laying aside all the glory he had before Time began.

In times past, before his coming, the Law was given. It specified do’s and dont’s of human conduct. But people failed to meet the Law’s holy standards.

Yet when Jesus came, God’s grace came. It meant that God was willing to be friends with us even when we had failed him. This grace meant a new beginning, a fresh start in life.

It is available to all those who accept him. Surprisingly, God does not force anyone to believe in his Son, Jesus. Several people wonder how God can have a Son. It is in the sense that it is a son who obeys the father that God has a Son, and not in the biological sense.

Now Jesus faced rejection from his own family, relatives and people. Yet God is extending an invitation to all to be his children if you believe in God’s Son, Jesus. That is Christmas!

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