But God Remembered Noah

Why did God remember Noah?
#1. He found favour with God.
#2. He was a righteous man.
#3. He was blameless.
#4. He walked with God.
#5. He obeyed everything God commanded him to do.

Along with all this, it was the Lord who shut him in (Genesis 7:16). It is when God shuts us in that we are in the safest place on earth. There are times in life when, in spite of having obeyed God, we find ourselves kept out of action and waiting. This is a time of quiet trust in the Lord even though we do not know the outcome of our waiting and trusting. Sometimes the wait seems long. Perhaps, you child of God, are in such a season of life. Do not despair. God, who remembered Noah, will remember you too.

Yes, there is something very much comforting about the truth: “But God remembered Noah” (Genesis 8:1). The waters had flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days. Though God had predicted this, it was a new experience for Noah. He might have wondered how long the situation might continue like that.

We also do often wonder like this; don’t we? Jesus too had said very realistically “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33). But when it comes, we struggle with doubt and despair especially when the difficulties continue for a long time. But as Jesus said, “Take heart!” God does not forget us. He remembers us. God remembered Noah and sent a wind over the earth so that it will become dry for Noah; and all with him could come out.

Yes, God will cause you to come out to a new beginning in life. Soon you’ll see signs of new life like the freshly plucked olive leaf the dove brought back to Noah. This will happen when God remembers you. So do not worry if God has shut you in.

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