God Is Inviting You To Be Holy!

Holiness is not an option for a believer in Jesus Christ. It is more than a command. It is a royal invitation to share the very nature of God. That is an awesome thought.

First of all holiness is not automatic. We do not become perfect or holy the moment we are born again. Of course, the new life in Jesus Christ gives us the grace and courage to say NO to wrong, evil, and sinful things. But as long as you are satisfied with that you do not grow or progress in holiness.

Soon, you learn that being right in outward actions and behaviour alone is not enough. You come to a point when you realize that there is nothing good in you. Even as the Spirit of God shines a powerful light in the hidden spaces of your heart, you realize that you are nothing better than whitewashed tombs. Looking good on the outside; full of rotten flesh, stinking worms, and dead men’s bones on the inside.

If you have that realisation, God is calling you to consecrate yourself to be holy (Leviticus 11:44, 45). Consecration is a word which means set apart to God for holy use. God is asking you to separate from the sinful ways of Egypt (your past life of sin) and live holy lives.

To answer that call to holiness you should have a burning desire to be holy; and not just be delivered from some habitual sins. To answer that call to holiness, you should be ready to give up certain habits, entertainment, and wrong relationships. To answer that call to holiness, you should repent of your “I am right and never wrong” kind of self-righteous attitude. And finally to answer that call to holiness, there needs to be a deep longing and cry in your heart, “Create in me a pure heart, O God (Psalm 51:10).”

Then God will give you grace to be increasingly holy. Then you will be able to shine a light in every dark place around you. The Spirit of God will make it possible because he is the “Spirit of holiness (Romans 1:4).” So consecrate yourself and be holy. Especially in the light of fact that Jesus Christ is coming again soon (1 Peter 1:13—16)!

It doesn’t take anyone to teach us that an apple that is bad inside is a bad apple—however shiny it looks outside.

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