Two Words: But God!

But God. Two words. What a difference it makes if you can look at your situations through these two words.
But God (Genesis 45:7, 8). Joseph is looking at his life through this lens.

But it took him a long time; nearly twenty-two years to come to this point. All along the way, right when he started having dreams of greatness, he also started to have troubles.

Misunderstood by his brothers, put into an empty pit, sold into slavery, taken into Egypt, wrongly reported by Potiphar’s wife, and put in prison for no fault of his; nothing was a pleasant experience. But God!
Dear friend, nothing you pass through might make sense. But if your trust is in God a day will come when you too will be able to say, But God.

But it all takes time. You don’t see it that way as troubles mount. God waits for you to grow in faith and trust. It takes many years to see through this lens: But God.

Another thought that comes is that Joseph came to understand God’s purpose in permitting all these difficulties. He now understood that God had greater and grander plans than he could have ever imagined. It was to save lives and preserve the children of Abraham that God allowed all this to happen to Joseph.

He was sent ahead. Not in a way he liked. Not in a way he understood. But God.

Dear friend, you might have been sent ahead. The journey and its stopping places might have had heartbreaks involved. Being sent ahead has its privileges and also costs. But God.

Joseph, however, was not an inactive player in the drama. He kept himself pure especially when tempted sexually, worked hard and diligently, and was concerned about others even when he was in prison.

Never for a moment think that you are to sit down and brood in self pity at all the difficulties in your life. No, act strong and fulfil all your duties. Then the day will come when you too can say, But God.

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