Is Egypt Still in Your Heart?

You can come out of Egypt. But it is real hard to get Egypt out of your heart.

The Israelites were delivered from the slavery of Egypt by the mighty hand of the LORD and by observing the Passover. They were protected by the blood and later the Red Sea parted to open for them a highway in the midst of the sea.

In spite of seeing and experiencing the miraculous hand of God the Israelites grumbled against God time and again. Especially when God gave them manna to eat.

This manna was the food of angels (Psalm 78:25). Yet they complained (Numbers 11:6). They remembered the fish they ate at no cost in Egypt (v. 5). They were wailing and craving other food (v. 4). The LORD became exceedingly angry (v. 10).

See, Egypt was not forgotten after many years of having come out of it. How many miracles they experienced! Even the visible presence of God in the form of pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night with them (Exodus 13:21, 22; Numbers 9:15, 16) did not prevent them from craving the food of Egypt.

Is it just food that they were longing for? No. That craving was the outward sign of the real craving for the sins of Egypt. They did not mind indulging in it again even if that meant slavery. God put his finger on the real problem saying, they had rejected God who was present among them (v. 20). Why? Because they wailed before God saying, “Why did we ever leave Egypt?”

Dear friend, is Egypt still in your heart? Are you longing for its food? Then God will give to you in plenty. Like he did for the Israelites. They were provided with meat in accordance to what they craved for and in plenty until they loathed it (Psalm 78:29).

But then while the meat was still in their mouths, God judged them and killed many of them through a severe plague (Psalm.78:30, 31). And because of this judgement, the place was called Kibroth Hattavah which means “graves of craving” (Numbers 11:34).

Remember, these kind of prayers too are answered. But at the price of judgement.

When you come out of a bad habit or a wrong relationship, it is usual to cherish what you have enjoyed while you were in it. That is an example of “Egypt in your heart.” God wants you to get that out of your heart too.

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