Readiness! Watchfulness! Preparedness!

God is not limited by numbers. In fact he often has to take away our confidence in our resources before he will act on our behalf.

The Bible shows us a remarkable incident in the life of Gideon. As he and his army were getting ready for battle God said to him that he had too many men. This prevented God from giving them victory over the enemies.
God wanted them to learn the lesson that it is not great numbers that win the battle. If that were the case they would boast against God that their own strength had saved them.

Now God asked those trembling with fear to go back. Twenty-two thousand left. Ten thousand remained. But God said, “Still too many men!” He asked to take them down to the water. God was going to separate them there.

God asked Gideon to send back all those who knelt down to drink. But God promised to deliver the Israelites who lapped water with their tongues like a dog. Just three hundred remained. That is less than one percent of the original number!

What is the lesson for you here?

These three hundred were ready to go to battle. They were not afraid. Neither did they turn back when a lot of their fellow men turned back.

These three hundred were watchful every moment. The others relaxed (if they had weapons they surely would have put them on the ground) while kneeling down to drink. When going to battle, thoughts of winning for God must occupy top priority in mind rather than satisfying immediate needs. Those who lapped water had their eyes on their enemy even while they drank. They did not relax but were always on ready-to-strike mode.

These hundred were prepared to take over the provisions and trumpets of others (Judges 7:8). Surprisingly God not only reduced the number of the army but used trumpets and empty jars wth torches inside to defeat the Midianites.
With this in mind you might be better able to appreciate what Paul wrote: “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us (2 Corinthians 4:7).”

God, when he strips you down to bare resources. It is then that you will be ready, watchful, and prepared to see God’s work—mighty work—mighty deliverance in your life.

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