For the Sake of David


No one who reads the Bible will miss David. He has influenced Jewish and Christian world alike in a big way. Many times when evil kings ruled the land and rebelled against God, the one factor that kept God from destroying them completely was David. See for example,

What made David so special? He was simple Shepherd boy who believed in a Great God. he may have come from the pastures and the village, but having spend time with nature and the wild, he somehow connected with God the Creator. He knew that his God was big; bigger than all forces on earth and bigger than the deepest trouble he was passing through. Therefore he was not afraid to face the giant Goliath even when the entire Israelite army was shivering in fear. How big is your God? have you realized that he is big enough to shoulder your problems today?

David was a man of prayer and praise. He was a gifted musician, the sweet psalmist of Israel. The collection of songs he made has impacted our lives so much. He speaks honestly about his troubles, but also about the Lord’s goodness. And so many precious promises of God has come to us through the pen of David. Whatever be the difficulty you are passing through today, let the praise of God be heard from your lips.

David had a thankful heart. He always rememberd that he was a simple shepherd boy and God exalted him to be the king of the land. He humbled himself before God when he sinned and prayed that God would restore to him the joy of salvation. David’s life teaches us that each of us, however close to God we are, can sin against God if we are not careful to maintain a close walk with God. The truth is that God does not want us to hide our sins from him. He will bring it to light certainly. But he does so with the purpose of giving us an opportunity to turn from evil, have genuine and godly sorrow over sin. He wants us to repent.

David wanted to build a temple for God. it was his heart’s burning desire. What made David desire to build a temple for God. in simple terms it was his love for God. he had a passion for God. His heart and mind had a big space and the foremost place reserved for God. it is interesting to note that God did not allow David to build the temple. But God made an everlasting covenant with David because he had this desire to build a temple for ht Name of the Lord. Now what is your heart’s desire. Do you have the honour of God in yoyr heart.

Finally, we cannot forget how Jesus is know as the Son of David. Even though the mistakes in David’s life are there for all of us ot read, the heart of David is honoured by God. he is known in the Scriptures as man after God’s own heart. He and God were closely knit together. Oh, the depth of such a relationship with God. he was indeed the Shepherd of David. That is why he said, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Try reading that line emphasizing My. Does your heart will with love for your God when you read so!

Above all, God remained true and faithful to David. There is not one place where David was defeated. In all battles, God gave him victory. That is what God would like to do for you. Will you be a man after God’s own heart.

You can be.


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