Make It Your Goal to Please Him

So many people struggle to find the will of God. One way to do so easily is to make your goal in life to please God.There are several clear indications in Scripture as to what pleases God. The first and foremost is faith in Jesus Christ and his shed blood on the cross for our sins. Without this faith in Jesus you cannot please God.

Secondly, there is role of obedience to God’s commands. It is written about Abraham that when he was asked to go to country he did not know about, he “obeyed and went.” This kind of obedience pleases God; obedience that does not ask God what is the logic or reason behind what he is clearly, specifically asking us to do.

Thirdly, turn away from evil.
 The Bible speaks of this as wisdom. So many Christians do not run away from evil. They spend time in evil conversations like gossip and slander. They delight in the company of scoffers and mockers who crack vulgar jokes. This should not be.

God is again pleased with sacrificial and generous giving. There are people who give out of their abundance to gain acceptance with God. But God applauds the kind of giving exhibited by the widow who put in two small copper coins as an offering. Jesus said that she put in everything; all that she had to live on.

Another area where you can please God is by doing honest work. So many people try to cheat their employers by simply wasting their time without doing sincere work. This should not be. Instead you should try to be of double benefit to those who give you work by doing more than you are asked to do. Let your work be done for the glory of God even if it is a menial job like sweeping the floor.

Another neglected aspect of ministry is encouraging others. We would never have had a Paul if there was no Barnabas. His name itself means “Son of Encouragement.” It was because Barnabas spoke up to the disciples to accept Paul who formerly persecuted them that Paul got the courage and opportunity to become the great missionary of God. Therefore encouraging others and helping them find strength in God like Jonathan did for David certainly pleases God. You can certainly do this for many.

So let us along with Paul say, “we make it our goal to please him” (2 Corinthians 5:9).

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