What You Need Is a Word from Jesus!

All that was needed was a word from Jesus. The man took Jesus at his word and left (John 4:50). This is the story of great faith we all can attempt to follow.

In this story we have a royal official seeking out Jesus for the healing of his son who was dying. This man risks travelling twenty miles to meet Jesus leaving the bedside of his dying son! Not only that; he risked his social dignity–he an official in Herod’s court going to visit a carpenter turned preacher! But he went to seek Jesus.

But he was not welcomed by Jesus with words of comfort. Instead Jesus seems to speak against the desire of people to see signs and wonders and will never believe (v. 45). The royal official is not discouraged. He pleads with Jesus to go with him before his child dies.

Again, instead of going with him Jesus just said, “You may go. Your son will live.” The Bible says, “The man took Jesus at his word and departed.” That is all you need my friend. One word from Jesus accepted in faith can change a hopeless situation in your life dramatically.

The royal official travelled back home. It was a long overnight journey. And he just had a word from Jesus. He moved on holding on to that one word from Jesus.

However the first thing he asked his servants who met him on the way with the news that his son was living was about the exact time when his son got better. It was one o’clock yesterday, they told him. The father realized that it was the exact time Jesus had said to him, “Your son will live.” And his entire household believed in Jesus.

Have you been to Jesus with a desperate need? What was the risk you took to meet him? Did you hear a word of assurance from him? Was that enough for you? Were you satisfied with the miracle or did you go beyond that to believe in him?

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