What Are You Doing at the Foot of the Cross?

The soldiers thought that He was a criminal. They cared not to know anything more. So they cast lots for His clothing (Psalm 22:18) while the Son of God was bleeding to death just above them for their sins too.

Before we find fault with those soldiers, let us look at ourselves. Those soldiers did not know any better. They were doing what was asked of them by their higher authorities. But what about us? We claim to be the children of God. And that is made possible only by this death that took place on the cross some two thousand years ago. But what are we doing at the foot of the cross?

Are you casting lots for His clothing? You might wonder why such a question is being asked; isn’t it? If we are following Jesus just to receive some benefits from His hands, we are no better than these soldiers who cast lots for His clothing at the foot of the cross. Just like the fact that they cared nothing about the meaning of the death of the Son of God, we too are not bothered about His death. Instead our constant aim is to try to get as much blessing as possible out of Him.

This attitude is wrong. As Christians, we need to understand that we owe our very selves to His sacrificial blood shed on the cross. It is His death that brought us pardon and forgiveness. It is His shed blood that cleanses us from all sin and brings us near to God. It is His death and resurrection that has opened the door of heaven for us and given us the gift of eternal life. It is His death that has given us peace with God and healing to our sick souls.

How much have we thanked God for all these benefits? Do we ever bother to think about all these? Or are we totally unconcerned about the real benefits that God gifted to us through the death of Jesus on the cross?

Remember that the cross is no ornament. It is two pieces of wood bound together and it is blood-stained. The death that He died on it, He died scorning its shame. Because He looked forward to the joy of seeing us delivered from the power of sin, Satan and death. Those are the real benefits that we enjoy.

But if your eyes are on the gambling, if your eyes are on the dice that is rolling to see if it is your number that is coming up, to find out whether you’ll get some material blessing, then dear friend you are no better than those soldiers who cast lots for His clothing.

So ask yourself this question today, “What am I doing at the foot of the cross? Am I casting lots for His clothes? Or am I humbly looking at the Lamb of God crucified for my sins?


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