10 Great Attitudes–Part III

#7. A Goal-Oriented Attitude
Paul’s goal in life was Christ. Even though he lived a perfect life according to the Law of Moses, and even though he had great family traditions to boast about; he was willing to give them all up to gain Jesus Christ!

Such an attitude comes at a great cost. So many Christians today boast about their family history and church traditions. And many place their faith in these things rather than in Jesus Christ. What a sad story is this! Paul said he was willing to lose everything in order to gain Christ. Whatever was profit to him, he became willing to count them loss if he could gain Jesus Christ! (3:7)

Paul counted all the great boasts of his life as rubbish compared to the greatness of knowing Jesus Christ.(3:8). There is no doubt and no wavering in his attitude. He is making a clean break with his past. It is not his failures that he is parting with; but he is parting with the glories and successes of his past (3:13). Nothing, absolutely nothing, did Paul allow to come between him and Jesus Christ. His entire mind and heart and soul is filled with one thought and one goal—to know Jesus Christ better each passing day!

It was this thought that he expressed in the famous statement—“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings . . .” (3:10). If you asked Paul what was his goal in life, he would say, “I want to know Christ!”

What is your attitude? Do you want to know Christ? Then do not allow the boasts you have in life to have a hold on you. If you find it difficult to count all the glories of your past as rubbish; then you will find it difficult to stand up for Jesus when others make fun of your faith in him.


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