When God Questions You and You Don’t Have the Answers!

Many of us take great pride in our knowledge. Until there comes moments in life we are unable to find meaning in our struggles, disappointments, and failures.

We seek answers; and no answers come by. We question God. We entertain doubts. We are troubled.

And what if God then comes to us? What if instead of giving answers he starts asking questions? What if those questions are unanswerable? Job found God raising questions (Job 38:3) and thundering at him: “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation. Tell me, if you understand (Job 38:4)?”

Let us face the facts. We do not have all the answers. We may have discovered many scientific laws and principles. But they do not help us in our emotional and spiritual struggles; neither do they help us in our search for meaning.

Let us face the facts. Unless God had revealed to us through his written Word truths about the beginning, about creation, about sin, suffering, and death; we would not know anything trustworthy about it all.

Let us face the facts. If we are unable to answer where we were when God laid the earth’s foundation, what other questions are we going to answer? The point is God is God. He is putting these questions across to us to make us aware of our ignorance. Becoming aware of our ignorance is often the first step to gain knowledge.

Let us face the facts. By asking such questions God is making a rightful demand. He is asking us to make him LORD of our lives (Acts 16:31,1 Corinthians 12:3). In other words, he is asking us not to find answers, but to trust in the One who alone can ask those kind of questions.

Yes, it all boils down to this question. Will you trust God?

And why should you trust him? Because he does not give you answers but turns your eyes to look at him keenly and closely—the Almighty God; awesome in power, majestic in holiness! Who can compare with him? Who will question him?


Do rails meet at a distance? Yes they do, if you believe your eyes. But we know that they don’t, since trains go past that point.
Our lives are more complex than rails. Our logical reasoning may not be enough to find answers all the time. God waits for us to reach at our wit’s end to give His reasoning for the circumstances. In other words, He waits until we put our trust in Him.

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