What Means God’s Holiness to You Today?


God is incomparably holy. The holiness of God is what sets apart our God from all others. We simply cannot imagine the glory and majesty of God’s holiness. So what does God’s holiness mean to you today?

First of all, a true meeting with God immediately shocks you with his holiness. It was true when Prophet Isaiah saw a vision of God. He immediately cried out that he was a man of unclean lips.

The same thing happened when Jesus asked Peter to put down the nets for a catch. Peter expressed his doubts saying that they had toiled all night but caught nothing. Nevertheless at Jesus’ word he put down the nets and had a miraculous catch? Did he rejoice and leap about at this miracle. No. His immediate reaction was, Depart from me Lord, for I am a sinful man.

Have you realized your own sinfulness? It cannot happen until you have a vision of God’s holiness.

Secondly, your self righteousness suffers a big blow when you encounter the holiness of God. What is this self righteousness? It is the “I am ok” attitude that you have.

Why do you consider yourselves better than others? Isn’t it because you don’t commit some of the sins that most people do? Or it can be because you are regular to church and giving to missions. None of these things make you any holier than others.

You need a vision of God’s holiness and only then will you understand you are no better than anyone else. Perhaps you will realize that you are far worse than others not because you sin like others; but because you have pride which says, “I am better than others.”

Finally, there is great brokenness and humbling before God when you have a vision of God’s holiness. No man is great in God’s eyes until he repents in dust and ashes. No one is of any use to God until he is broken in heart realizing how unworthy he or she is to stand in front of a holy God.

This does not happen easily. It takes many of God’s merciful but disciplining dealings with you. It takes years. But if you seek after God’s holiness, you will start to hate evil. Instead of trying to adjust with playing with sin, you will have hatred towards sin. You will realize that it was your sin that took Jesus to the cross. There, at the cross, is where the holiness of God and the ugliness of sin is revealed the best.

If you really believe that God has called you to do something for his glory, start to seek after God’s holiness today. He will break you down and then build you up. You will then be a better person because of God humbling you.

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