Do You Have the Courage to Rebel?


Just because someone close to you sinned against the Lord doesn’t mean that you should continue in that wrong path. The Scriptures give us the example of King Hezekiah. It is recorded that “He rebelled against the king of Assyria and did not serve him” (2 Kings 18:7b). But as we look at Chapter 16 we find his father King Ahaz doing evil in the eyes of the Lord and looking to the Assyrian king for help and yielding to his demands.

Hezekiah, however, did not follow his father’s wrong example. Instead he rebelled against the king of Assyria. Now Assyria was a very powerful kingdom. It had even conquered Israel and carried the Israelites into exile. But then how did Hezekiah, heading the small kingdom of Judah, have the courage to stand up against the king of Assyria? The secret of his strength and confidence has been recorded for us in God’s Word.

First of all he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. For that he made King David his example (2 Kings 18:3). So instead of following the evil example of his father, he followed the good example of David. You too can decide to do right in the eyes of the Lord even when someone close to you is choosing to do evil.

Secondly, Hezekiah removed places of idol worship (2 Kings 18:4). It simply means that you have to get rid of wrong practices, whatever it be. Even when something good becomes evil it has to be removed. Hezekiah made a bold move when destroyed the bronze snake that Moses made in the desert. God had commanded it to be made so that people who were bitten by snakes could look at it and live. But when people started worshipping the bronze snake, Hezekiah destroyed it. He knew that worship belonged to God alone. The lesson for you is that no object or person or tradition should become the object of your worship; God alone deserves and is worthy of worship.

Thirdly, Hezekiah trusted in the Lord (2 Kings 18:5). This was in direct contrast to his father Ahaz. Ahaz had trusted in the king of Assyria rather than seeking God’s help. Even when your enemies or those who seem to threaten you appear very powerful, it is wise to trust in God wholeheartedly. He will act on your behalf in ways you have never dreamed of. Only make sure that your trust in him is complete.

Again, it is recorded that Hezekiah held fast to the Lord and followed him keeping all his commands (2 Kings 18:6). Like a child clinging to the dress of his mother, Hezekiah held on to God. It is only when you know how big your God is and you love him with all your heart that you will cling on to God like Hezekiah did. Not only did he cling to God, but he also made sure that God’s commands were kept. The blessing of God will not come to your life unless there is obedience to his commands.

Finally, it is said that the Lord was with him (2 Kings 18:7). When the Lord is on your side and your eyes are focused on him, you get the boldness and the courage to rebel against the forces of evil. So make sure that the Lord is with you by doing what is right in his eyes.



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