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Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah–a Man with a Burden and a Man of Prayer
Be Confident in the Lord
The Road to Freedom
A Lamp that Burned and Gave Light
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Why Did God Remember Noah?
Leave the Past Behind; Look Forward to What Is Ahead!
The Temptation of Jesus Christ
When Wishes Come True (Story)
At the Bridge (Story)
Pleasing God
Men in Uniform
Bohnfi’s Angel (Story)
You’re a God (Poem)
The River of Life (Poem)
Still I Am His Child (Poem)
Someone was Waiting (Poem)
My Care, His Care! (Poem)
Is God Your Hiding Place?
7 Secrets and Attitudes to Make You Look Stunningly Beautiful
Communication Landmines in a Marriage That Blow Up
What Hurts Most In Marital Relationships!
What Matters Most in Marital Relationships!
We Always Claim To Be in the Group of the Five Wise Virgins; Don’t We?
The Response of Mary Made Christmas Possible
Mocking–The Sin We Are Not Even Aware Of
See Problems Through God’s Lens
But When You Pray–the Prayer in Secret!
Seek God: Return to Your First Love!
Jesus and Healing
Start to Rebuild the Walls of Your Life Now
Joshua — The Preparation of a Leader
Make Money Grow Little By Little in a Post-Pandemic World
Tips on How to Overcome Temptation
Your Tongue Needs a Guard and You Will Find It Here
No Failure in Life is Final If at Last You Find the King!
“Why Are You Downcast, O My Soul?”
God Will Show Mercy on You
How Does the Attitude of “Give Thanks in All Circumstances” Work?
Are You Looking for a Fine Pearl of Great Value?
Trust in Your God-given Dreams Even When Everything Seems To Be Against You!
I Wanna Go Home!
For I Know the Plans I Have For You!
Call to Me and I Will Answer You
God Has Kept Before You an Open Door That No One Can Shut
“I Will Repay You for the Years the Locusts Have Eaten!”
I Believe in the Resurrection
Can I Earn My Forgiveness?
The Miracle on the Road to Emmaus Is Not What You Thought It Is!