Living Streams Posts List

Will You Repent?
Who Fulfills Your Desires?
Jesus, You Know It All: I Need You!
Grieving the Spirit of God and the Spirit of God Giving Rest
Jude 5 Warning: God Later Destroyed Those Who Did Not Believe!
Where Is Jesus in Our Christmas Celebrations?
Did God Say Holiness Is Difficult for You to Achieve?
Sexual Fantasies in the Minds of Men Is Sin and Playing with Fire!
Give Me a Sign of Your Goodness
Hymn Story: What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Hymn Story: It Is Well with My Soul
Hymn Story: Jesus Paid It All
Hymn Story: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Abstain from Fleshly Lusts That War Against Your Soul
God Who Watches Over You
Unless You Bless Me
Let Us Be Honest About Prayer
Do You Allow God to Examine You?
The Deception of Innocent-Looking Chat Relationship Outside Marriage
Set Your Heart on Things Above
Are You Hooked to Internet Pornography? 7 Steps to Freedom from Sin!
For Children: Dreamers Say “NO” to Temptation
For Children: Be Prepared
For Children: The Importance of Having Goals in Life
For Children: Utilize Your Time Wisely
Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah–a Man with a Burden and a Man of Prayer
Be Confident in the Lord
The Road to Freedom
A Lamp that Burned and Gave Light
Do You Have an Attitude of Praise!
Why Did God Remember Noah?
Leave the Past Behind; Look Forward to What Is Ahead!
The Temptation of Jesus Christ
When Wishes Come True (Story)
At the Bridge (Story)
Pleasing God
Men in Uniform
Bohnfi’s Angel (Story)
You’re a God (Poem)
The River of Life (Poem)
Still I Am His Child (Poem)
Someone was Waiting (Poem)
My Care, His Care! (Poem)
Is God Your Hiding Place?
7 Secrets and Attitudes to Make You Look Stunningly Beautiful
Communication Landmines in a Marriage That Blow Up
What Hurts Most In Marital Relationships!
What Matters Most in Marital Relationships!
We Always Claim To Be in the Group of the Five Wise Virgins; Don’t We?
The Response of Mary Made Christmas Possible
Mocking–The Sin We Are Not Even Aware Of
See Problems Through God’s Lens
But When You Pray–the Prayer in Secret!
Seek God: Return to Your First Love!
Jesus and Healing
Start to Rebuild the Walls of Your Life Now
Joshua — The Preparation of a Leader
Make Money Grow Little By Little in a Post-Pandemic World
Tips on How to Overcome Temptation
Your Tongue Needs a Guard and You Will Find It Here
No Failure in Life is Final If at Last You Find the King!
“Why Are You Downcast, O My Soul?”
God Will Show Mercy on You
How Does the Attitude of “Give Thanks in All Circumstances” Work?
Are You Looking for a Fine Pearl of Great Value?
Trust in Your God-given Dreams Even When Everything Seems To Be Against You!
I Wanna Go Home!
For I Know the Plans I Have For You!
Call to Me and I Will Answer You
God Has Kept Before You an Open Door That No One Can Shut
“I Will Repay You for the Years the Locusts Have Eaten!”
I Believe in the Resurrection
The Miracle on the Road to Emmaus Is Not What You Thought It Is!

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