Is God Looking at You to Play a Supporting Role?

Some roles are not glamorous. But without supporting roles the story cannot move forward. I am not talking about movies or story scripts. But I am more concerned about your role in God’s plan.

We all look up to leaders and study their lives and dream about becoming one like them. But only a few are called to be leaders. The rest, the vast majority like you and me, are sometimes called to play minor roles. Yet very significant role in God’s eyes.

One such was the sister of Moses, Miriam. The Bible records, “His sister stood at a distance to see what would happen to him (Exodus 2:4).” When the baby Moses was placed in a papyrus basket and floated on the river Nile, Miriam stood watching.

A believer’s life is not passive yielding to life’s troubles and difficulties. It is instead one which throbs with hope. It is an eager anticipation to see what God would do. Miriam did not think it was The End for baby Moses. If she had thought that way, she might have left.

This wait and watch in expectation was not a glamorous role. You might not even give it a second thought. But wait.
When Pharaoh’s daughter came; got the basket and saw the baby crying, she felt sorry for him. “This is one of the Hebrew babies,” she said. That spelled danger. The Pharaoh had ordered to throw all male children into the Nile (Exodus 1:22).

But Miriam stepped in at that moment and asked her whether she could get a Hebrew woman to nurse the child for her. She then went and called her mother and thus Moses was put back in his mother’s care!

All this would not have been possible if Miriam did not play her role well. Not many of you might have great and glamorous roles to play. But like Miriam, you can play significant and crucial roles.

We hear of Moses today only because of Miriam standing at a distance and watching. We hear of Moses today only because Miriam asked Pharaoh’s daughter to get a nurse for Moses.

You too are critical in God’s plan. Do not underestimate your role. You may not be preaching to millions but you might be the one saying a word of encouragement to one who does so.

Its continually changing patterns make Kaleidoscope interesting to people of all ages. We look at a pattern and then turn it for the next pattern. And then the next pattern. Each pattern is fulfilling. With each turn, each of those tiny bits of broken glass gets its prominence in that angle. It’s true for each one of us too. We get our prominence when our “angle” comes. Because God made each one of us unique—to play our role when our “angle” comes.

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