Even in Darkness Light Dawns For the Upright

Are you in darkness today? There is a word of encouragement from God for you: “Even in darkness light dawns for the upright.” (Psalm 112).

This a precious promise. One occasion you can recall is when God brought darkness in all the land of Egypt. During that time there was light in Goshen, the region where the Israelites lived. God made a distinction that day.

Therefore when the light shines, it clearly marks you out before the world that you have a heavenly citizenship. So when darkness surrounds you, trust in the word of the Lord and wait for light to dawn.

You might have passed through financial constraints that humbled you before your loved ones. Perhaps others had broken your heart through treating you less than the honour you rightfully deserved. Or may be it was painful words that hurt you much. It could be that you had been out of work for some time. Whatever it be, darkness is not going to stand against the mighty power of God working on your behalf. Light will dawn for you.

Always believe, even in the deepest darkness, that you are the child of the light. The kingdom of darkness has no hold on you. Therefore the prophet says to those who are walking in darkness to trust in the name of the Lord.

The important thing to remember when you walk in the dark is that you should not become over familiar with darkness. In other words, do not accept the condition you find yourselves as God’s plan for your lives. Darkness is not permanent; it will pass away when your God comes to meet you.

Yes, there should be a longing from your side to see the light dawn. God answers the desires your heart when you delight in him.

The book of proverbs adds that there will be an increase in the intensity of light as time passes by. “The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day” (proverbs 4:18). God is not just interested in saving you from darkness but giving you an increase of light.

Yes, there shall be growth in your life. The stage of stagnation will pass away. You will stretch your boundaries.


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