Are You Facing a Closed Door in Your Life?

Stop brooding over that lost opportunity; for it is time to move on. A closed door in life might be a symbol of rejection; but it should never become a chain that binds you to yesterday’s failures or triumphs. Leave them behind.

Often our strength is wasted in trying to knock at closed doors in life. It is better to realize that closed doors in life are God’s reminders to us that we need to move on. So many of us have eyes that fail to see better opportunities ahead or the divine possibilities that God has kept for us.

We never want to leave childish ways behind and grow up to maturity; accept responsibility and take the keys of leadership that is thrust upon us. In that sense closed doors in life are a wake up call. It compels us to get up from our beds of laziness. It is a rude awakening to the truth that the future is fast invading our present. Yes closed doors mean that we have to get up and walk.

So many people lament over a lost opportunity and keep looking at it. They look at a closed door as a curse in their lives. Why not change and look at a closed door as a blessing in life? A closed door reminds us that we have been busy with what was once a great idea but now is not. Therefore we have to change and adapt to new possibilities in life. In that sense a closed door is a blessing because only that STOP in life could have made us think about a new route in life.

Some people lack the ability to think big and open their imagination to the plans that God has for their lives. They simply do not know how to find a new opportunity where they can best utilize their potential. The word of the Risen Christ is significant in this context:

“See, I have placed before you an open door that no-one can shut.”

Yes, God wants to do new things in our lives; things that are better and far beyond our limited thinking and barren imagination. So he commands us to forget our past; the former things and look forward to the new, amazing and seemingly impossible thing he is about to do in your life swiftly.

The closed door might be a sign of rejection. It might have made you lose your faith in life and its divinely appointed opportunities for you. But God himself has used the door as a sign of open invitation. As Jesus Christ said,

“I am the door of the sheep . . . I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.”

In contrast to a closed door, Christ presents to us an open door; and an invitation to walk right in, and the promise that he who walks in will never be disappointed but find unending opportunities!

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