If Sin Defeats You, the Cause Is Within You!

What do you do when you are defeated? The Israelites asked themselves this question, “Why did the LORD bring defeat upon us today before the Philistines” (1 Samuel 4:3)?

It was a right question. They knew that their defeats did not happen by chance. They saw God’s hand in their defeat. It was not the Philistines who defeated them. It was the LORD, and the Philistines just the channel through which the defeat came.

As a believer, when you get defeated, do not look at the immediate person or circumstance through which the defeat came. Instead look to God. And ask why he permitted you to be defeated.

Then look at some things that could have gone wrong. Is there sin and disobedience in your life? Have you neglected reading the Bible and meeting with God in prayer everyday? Is there unforgiveness and bitterness in your heart towards a loved one? All these can bring you defeat.

Now the Israelites asked the right question. But did they wait for God’s answer? No!

Then what did they do? They came up with their own solution. They decided to bring the ark of God and took it to war. Yes, the ark represented God’s presence. But without having a right relationship with God no outward symbol of God’s presence with you is going to help you. Holding a Bible in your hand, carrying a crucifix, tying some threads in your hand, carrying some objects your local churches consider sacred; none of these is going to help you if you are not right with God.

Hophni and Phinehas, who were in rebellion against God, accompanied the ark to battle. They died as judgement on them was already pronounced (1 Samuel 2:34) and the ark was captured.

Today, you might have felt God speaking to you. Living in sin is not God’s plan for your life. You will surely be defeated if you do not seek God and get his counsel on what needs to be corrected.

Just remember. When there is defeat in your life, as a believer you should know that the causes are not outside; but within you!

It is the biggest myth and mockery shown in Hollywood movies that aiming a cross at demons makes them flee! In reality, it is the one who is praying to Jesus that sends shivers up devil’s spine.

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