Where Is Jesus in Our Christmas Celebrations?

Where is Jesus in our Christmas celebrations?

Christmas becomes meaningful only when we understand the missionary heart of God. He loved the world and gave his Son to us.

God sent his Son. Jesus could have stayed in the comfort zone of heaven. But he chose to have a humble birth and be a servant of men. Will we ever understand his love?

Let us face the truth honestly. What is Christmas to you? Christmas is the message of the wrath of God against sin as well as the sinner (see John 3:18 and 36). A lot of people are perplexed at this truth.

Singing of Christmas carols, conducting stage shows and erecting costly mangers will not make sense if Christmas does not lead a sinner to Jesus and if it does not make us bow at his feet in worship.

Let me ask once again, “Where is Jesus in our Christmas celebrations?”

And what is worship? Jesus, he is God! It is that recognition that makes us worship him. The whole point of the book of Revelation is worship. It tells us Jesus is God. Even John the beloved disciple of Jesus could not handle the vision of Jesus in all his majesty and John fell at his feet as though dead (Rev. 1:17).

Christmas should disturb us, upset us, and alarm us like it did to King Herod and all Jerusalem when they heard that a king is born (Matthew 2:3). The King demands obedience. The King has authority. The King demands worship. Remember Jesus was King in his cradle and the baby in the manger was and is “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).”

Yes, let us face it honestly. We want the comfort of our celebrations so that God will be busy searching for new recruits to spread the gospel. Now you might know why the angel went and announced the Christmas message to shepherds. They were willing to go and see Jesus and then spread the word (Luke 2:17, 18).

Let me ask yet again, “Where is Jesus in our Christmas celebrations?”

As another Christmas season is approaching, is there at least one person in your mind to whom you wish to share the gospel with?

How long do you think will there be windows of opportunity that will give us freedom to proclaim the gospel? How long will you be complacent and be focused on lesser priorities in life?

Unfortunately the devil has made us worship him at Christmas time. Shocked? Yes you should be.

The angelic announcement was: A Saviour is born and not Santa Claus has come. And there is no Saviour without the blood on the cross and the empty tomb.

The angelic announcement again was: He is Christ the Lord and not he is the jolly good old merry Santa Claus. The Lordship of Christ demands that we bow down low before his absolute authority in our lives. If that is true, how about the “I and My Decisions” that we make each day? Is God pleased with them? Or are our prayers still, “My will be done in heaven and on earth in Your Name!”?

Do you earnestly seek God for the decisions you make each day? You might make mistakes understanding his guidance. That is ok. Many saints have made them. But what God will not forget is the sincerity with which you asked for his wisdom in all that concerns you.

I am not against celebrations. God is not against them either (He was at the wedding feast at Cana and dinners, remember.). But what we have to be on guard is against the devil hijacking Christmas to make the world worship him.

The angelic announcement was good news of great joy to all the people. But what is the news that we proclaim today? Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Full Stop! ?

That message doesn’t save. It is his blood on the cross that saves!

May God be with you this Christmas time and may he enable you to step into the New Year with renewed hope. May you find God having gone ahead of you and waiting. Just talk to him. He will love to hear from you.

But let end asking you time and again, “Where is Jesus in our Christmas celebrations?”

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