100 God-Inspirational Tweets from Love’s Ark

1. No failure is final if we can honestly say “Yes” to God’s probing question, “Do you truly love me?”

2. Wisdom and power belongs to God. All show of power on earth will ultimately bow before his Majesty.

3. God loves a cheerful giver. Those who give in plenty are those who live without worries.

4. Hope does not disappoint when it is rooted in God’s love. A long wait in the night will give way to the break of a joyous dawn.

5. The pursuit of knowledge fails if it does not lead one to the knowledge of God who is the source of life itself.

6. When God is in your boat the wind and waves will rise with might; but at one word of rebuke from him, they become quiet and calm.

7. He sleeps well who knows that God stands guard ever awake and ever watchful; guarding him as the apple of his eye.

8. Thank God for your past failures and mistakes and trust him for a new beginning in life today.

9. God takes us to mountain tops to give us a vision; but it is back down in the valleys that we need to work hard to make it a reality.

10. It is the truly desperate who cry out for God’s mercy and find it.

11. God’s light shines brightest in our darkness; it clears a path for us in impossible situations.

12. Your best day is today whatever was your yesterday. So when God gives you a chance today do not delay.

13. Locked doors do not prevent God from reaching you with this message, “I am with you always. So do not fear.”

14. The religion of those who praise God with their tongues one moment and spits evil the next against others is worthless.

15. Money can never make slaves of those who know God as their source of supply and are sure of God’s provision of their bread and water.

16. Heartfelt tears and prayers can never be stopped from reaching God. All your tears are kept on record.

17. Some of God’s choicest men and women were made great after they were emptied of their natural strength through trials and suffering.

18. If you have had someone come to help you at an unexpected time and place; then you’ve met one of God’s angels.

19. Believe that God’s plans for you are greater than your dreams. They really are.

20. When you delight in God; he will fulfil your heart’s desires.

21. Above all love stories stands tall the cross where the Saviour bled and died for you because God loves you. You’re truly special to him.

22. The moment you look at yourself and see a magnificent craftsmanship; the crown of God’s creation, you have connected with your Creator.

23. An infant’s smile, the twitter of birds at dawn, a rainbow after the rain has swept the skies clean; all remind us life is God’s gift.

24. Suffering is not God-sent; however it is the big canvas on which God paints some brilliant sunrises in crimson glory.

25. God really is a King and the best of your time, talent and treasure is rightfully his; so do not offer him leftovers.

26. God promotes those who sharpen their skills and are faithful in the lesser tasks to bigger responsibilities and rewards as well.

27. Severe judgement awaits those who allow their talents to rust. God delights in those who put their talents to good use.

28. God does not measure a man by outward appearances; but rather he looks at the heart and examines thoughts, attitudes and motives.

29. The absolute authority to forgive your sins and wipe your past clean and make you brand new rests with God alone. So let go of your past.

30. Generations come and go; empires rise and fall; fashions change; today’s technology is gone tomorrow; but God remains the same!

31. Perhaps the greatest thought is that God has time for you. He’ll stop every other work to listen to your cry.

32. God looks for leaders who serve in humility; are patient in suffering; who persevere in tough times; and do not compromise on values.

33. Delays can cause frustration. Yet those who see God’s hand in delays or detours will experience blessings in the end.

34. God is love. His love for you is everlasting. So open wide the door of your heart to him.

35. The truly great in God’s eyes are those who remain true and faithful to their assigned duty in spite of all difficulties.

36. God completes what he begins. You can trust him to do it in your life as well.

37. God strips a man of all pride before he clothes him with power and greatness. A man is tested first; then given a pedestal to stand upon.

38. God can rebuild your life that is broken and marred to greater glory and enduring beauty. You need to be patient while he does it.

39. Man boasts of riches, power and knowledge; but when he faces death he has God and has everything, or he does not have God and has nothing.

40. God’s light exposes all our secret hideouts: “Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

41. When God plants he expects fruit and his pruning knife is painful. If not for his disciplining hand we grow wild and bear no fruit.

42. Rejection is always painful. But know that God does not despise you even if others rejected you and labelled you as “good for nothing.”

43. There is great joy in God’s company. Those who think otherwise have a wrong idea about God.

44. If all people in the world are safe; but you alone are lost in some wilderness, you can be confident that God will come searching for you.

45. Prayer is really our response to God’s initiative because he said: “Call to me and I will answer you.”

46. A time is coming when the Son of God will shout in triumph and all the dead who had trusted him will rise from the ground to life!

47. Disruptions to our routines are often God-gifted opportunities to help others.

48. God has blessed you so that you’ll bless others. Do not delay to act and help someone when it is in your power to do so.

49. Angels are God’s messengers. Though unseen they really are the army of God and very near to us especially in our childhood.

50. If we can accept God’s help, he will redeem our mistakes. In other words he will make even our mistakes work together for our good.

51. When we trust God, all circumstances are under his sovereign control; there is no moment when we are out of his watchful eye.

52. God often plows the ground which is our heart to prepare it to receive showers of blessings which he will send at its proper time.

53. One great reality is God’s promise of being with us. Yes, “God with us” is a genuine cause of hope and strength.

54. Many are those who have cried out to God at the moment of their deepest despair and found him to help in ways beyond belief.

55. There is a proper time in God’s scheme of things. Our role is to wait with patience and hope.

56. God has intimate knowledge of you. Let that make you bold and confident even when no one seems to understand what you pass through.

57. God honours those who honour him.

58. Man promises but does not always perform; but God has given many promises in his Word—the Bible—and he remains true to them always.

59. Good news is the news that God loves the world even the worst of sinners; he gives them a chance to change their ways and live.

60. God is love. His love embraces all without any distinction. Above all, his love includes you!

61. God rewards even the simplest act of giving a cup of cold water to someone in need.

62. God compares himself to a hen longing to hold her young under her wings and promises to comfort you like a mother who comforts her child.

63. God is a going to do a new thing in your life. Therefore forget your past and focus on that something new today.

64. God is a God of order not chaos. The vast immeasurable universe is perfectly ordered and there are fixed laws of heaven and earth.

65. Those who have good friends find it easy to accept the friendship of God. It helps you to have openness, trust, intimacy and courage.

66. As any healthy relationship grows over time; it also takes unhurried time spent with God for a good relationship with him.

67. “It is finished.” There is nothing more man can add to what God did on the cross where Jesus bled and died for man’s salvation.

68. God is great for all he is; but also for the fact that he stops for you when you cry out in your need.

69. In his wisdom God does not answer all our prayers according to our wishes. Therefore we are sometimes disappointed with God.

70. Have a thankful heart for closed doors in life. For God will open doors for you in the most unlikely places. Believe it.

71. God will carry our daily burdens but never our worries about tomorrow.

72. Do not weep over wasted years of life; for God alone can repay you for time lost and he will restore to you double as you trust in him.

73. You can be God-centred or Self-centred. “I” spells death and “He” spells life.

74. God’s love is a giving and sacrificial love. True love always gives and never grabs.

75. There is nothing new under the sun. But with God newness of life can be found each new day.

76. If you ever doubted God; know that he calls each star by name. By his great power and mighty strength not one of them is missing.

77. One whose confidence is in God is like a tree planted by the water; its roots run deep; leaves are always green; never fails to bear fruit.

78. The end of everything is known from the beginning only to God. He is the Alpha and the Omega. You can trust him with your life.

79. God commends those who carry oil in jars along with their lamps. Be prepared for your opportunity and be a winner.

80. When God hides himself from his children they feel forsaken. But its only for a season so that his light will shine in their darkness.

81. God’s compassions never fail, they are new every morning. So rise up with hope and experience his nearness to you afresh today.

82. All good gifts are from God. A man can recceive only what has been given him from heaven. So utilize them wisely since they are God-sent.

83. The revolutionary truth that God is our heavenly Father came through Jesus Christ. He is the door that opens to God in heaven.

84. A hopeful travel is possible when you know that God cares for you and has kept a place ready for you in heaven since you trust him.

85. Uncertain times on earth are God’s indicators that this place is not supposed to be our permanent dwelling.

86. The beauty of God lies in the splendour of his holiness. He is holy, holy, holy! That is the essence of his Majesty and Glory.

87. God is light and there is no darkness in him. So all who love him will give up secret and shameful ways and walk in the light.

88. God’s Justice demands that man be punished for his sins. But God’s Love placed all punishment on his Son that we might have peace with God.

89. Silver and gold are precious. But the blood of Jesus the Lamb of God sacrificed for ours sins is more precious than all else.

90. A dry land that drinks in rain is refreshed; how much more so for a despairing soul is God’s mercy.

91. God’s grace is sufficient for us in all our needs. It is his amazing mercy and favour shown to us when we deserve it not.

92. God does not despise our weaknesses, limitations or lack. Instead he looks for ways to make us strong and useful in spite of it.

93. It is when we feel hopeless, useless, and full of despair; that we experience the support of God’s everlasting arms upholding us.

94. God changes times and seasons. So at the proper time he will change your bad situation. Those who wait for him will not be disappointed.

95. Those who spend a long time in God’s presence are full of power and radiance when they face men; they are bold as a lion.

96. No one of us will ever know the length, depth, width or height of God’s love fully. Its vastness and intensity and intimacy are so great.

97. If only you and I would take some time to think “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going?” Those are first steps in seeking God.

98. The power of the Spirit of God is evident in his gentle dealing with those who turn to God. He brings light out of darkness.

99. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is mankind’s greatest hope. It means that death is not the end for those who trust him.

100. Peace with God is found through Jesus Christ who bled and died for your sins. God becomes friends with those who trust in him.

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