Trouble » Root Cause » Destroy » Peace

The Christian life is not without its troubles. By using the word “trouble” it is not meant problems common to all mankind like sickness or unemployment. The word “trouble” here denotes a host of things that give unrest to the mind. They are capable of destroying the peace of a Christian.

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Carried Away » Pursuit » Attack » Recovery

Christian life sometimes springs surprises that are not pleasant at all. One of such surprises is that of coming to know that Satan has carried away what rightfully belonged to us. In other words, the devil during unexpected times, conquers and takes away what God had given us.

Some Christians never realize that they have … Read the rest

Patterns from the Bible

As we read the Bible, we come across patterns. Patterns become recognizable when a reader sees a spiritual truth that is stated in one part of the Bible being repeated in a similar fashion in yet another portion of the Bible.

The very fact that God has said something twice means that He wants us … Read the rest