Will You Repent?

Will you repent?

Repentance has to begin with asking God to search our hearts (Psalm 139:23, 24). It is when you allow the Holy Spirit to turn the spotlights on, that he will show you the secrets of your heart—sins of pride and self-righteousness and many more. David never allowed God to search his heart … Read the rest

Who Fulfills Your Desires?

Who fulfills your desires? That is the question I would like to explore.

Desires are many. And all your life you strive hard to fulfill your desires. Some happen; others don’t come to pass.. Fulfilment of desires makes you elated while desires not fulfilled disappoint.

I leave out what is plainly known to all as … Read the rest

God Who Watches Over You

“I, the Lord, watch over it” — Isaiah 27:3

Have you ever wondered if God watches over you? Let us look at Isaiah 27:2–6 to find the answer. Here God is calling Israel, his people, a fruitful vineyard. Earlier he was disappointed with it (see Isaiah 5:1–7). But now God is saying that he watches … Read the rest

Unless You Bless Me

All of us have tried praying or happily listened to others praying, “I will not let you go unless you bless me (Genesis 32:26).” Easily said than done. Why?

Not one of us is willing to struggle with God and prevail. Jesus asked us not to go for vain repetition in prayer. At the same … Read the rest

Let Us Be Honest About Prayer

Most of us pray. Yes, for an approaching exam, when sickness comes, during financial crisis, and when there is some other trouble. At other times it is just routine “Bless me O Lord and my family (and sometimes we add, “only ME and MY Family”; which means O Lord hope you understood that means bless … Read the rest

Do You Allow God to Examine You?

But the one who examines me is the Lord (1 Corinthians 4:4b NASB).

Each one of us should live our lives with this truth dominating our minds.

For we are subject to examination every day of our lives. Others judge us constantly. Sometimes they praise us; sometimes they criticise us. There could be elements of … Read the rest

Set Your Heart on Things Above

If no one has called you nuts (meaning crazy, foolish, strange) after seeing your attitudes towards the things of the world; then there is something wrong with your walk with God.

Like how a foreigner is easily recognized in a crowd of natives; you should be seen different in your attitudes and lifestyles because you … Read the rest

For Children: Be Prepared

Be Prepared
Man first landed on the moon after years of preparation. Likewise, a team which wins the cricket or football world cup or an athlete who wins gold at the Olympics does so after years of hard work and preparation. Again, no one clears a national level examination without long years of preparation. Read the rest

For Children: Utilize Your Time Wisely

Time Is Precious
If time is wasted, there is no way to get it back. Those who have succeeded in life are those who made the best utilization of time.

Your childhood and youth are the best times of your life. You can make best use of time by following some simple principles.

Make … Read the rest

Be Confident in the Lord

Are you confident? If the answer is yes, the next question is on what are you basing your confidence? Some people put confidence in their family background, education or riches. All these are good but not good enough. As a believer in the Lord Jesus, you have better things to be confident about.

God loves

Read the rest

The Road to Freedom

The Road Map

Think about road maps. It helps people who are not familiar with the routes to proceed in the right direction. You need not stop to ask anyone. What you need to do is follow the directions; recognize the landmarks properly and proceed. You will reach your destination quite comfortably.

So to reach … Read the rest