Do You Know That Yesterday’s Anointing Is Not Enough for Today’s Battle?

Yesterday’s anointing is not enough for today’s battle. See, when David was anointed king, the Philistines came to attack him in full force (2 Samuel 5:17). Relying on his God he defeated them twice. But when David neglected to keep touch with God one woman bathing was enough to pull him down. What an army could not do, one woman was able to accomplish!

David’s neglect of duty, that is not going to war and instead choosing to stay in bed (2 Samuel 11:1, 2), was an outward indicator of his coldness of heart towards God. He would have been much safer on the battlefield than on the rooftop of his palace. Where are you today? Remember, yesterday’s anointing is not enough for today’s battle!

Note that it was when the Philistines heard that David was anointed king that they came in full force in search of him. It is when you are nearest to God that you suddenly become visible to the enemy. And Satan will storm you with temptations. Now like David, many are able to fight that out in the strength of the Lord. But as time passes, the watchfulness and alertness falls. We relax our guard. And take the anointing of God for granted. In that state the tempter can strike easily in an area he knows you will easily compromise.

So watch out. You are in enemy territory. In this age of surveillance camera networks and artificial intelligence, it is not difficult to imagine Satan keeping a close watch on you through his forces. They easily come to know when you start to slip. The moment David decided to stay home and sleep, they went into action with a killer instinct. Like David slayed Goliath with a sling and a stone, the devil now defeated David with a bathing scene.

Was it Bathsheba who is to blame? No. The responsibility rests with David alone. He had failed to be constantly plugged in to the source of his strength—God himself. He forgot to keep the doors of his senses locked and guarded.
One last thought. You are anointed to serve others. That requires waiting on God in secret prayer and being filled with the Spirit of God continually. As you go out into the world and meet needs of people and lift others up through encouraging words, your power store is being depleted. Do not go on when indicators show red. Get back to God. Recharge. Remember, yesterday’s anointing is not enough for today’s battle!

Achilles’ Heel as a strategy is probably older than the story of Achilles itself. This is based on the assumption that however strong the enemy is, still there will be a weak spot that can be exploited. It’s been used in wars in the fields. But little known is the fact that it also made mighty men fall. David’s story is an example. It continues to work even today making men of faith fall.

What’s your Achilles’ heel?

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