Your Trouble; Someone Else’s Salvation!

Sometimes your stand for God and truth can put you in trouble. Can there be a higher purpose in such suffering?

Let us look at Jeremiah. He was put in a mud pit for his message of coming judgement (Jeremiah 38:6). He cried out to God (Lamentations 3:55–57).

It was a foreigner, a Cushite, whose name was Ebed Melech who spoke boldly to the king to release Jeremiah. Surprisingly, the Bible records with utmost care the steps taken by this man. He finds old rags and worn-out clothes and let them down wth ropes to Jeremiah and asked him to put them under his arms to pad the ropes with which Jeremiah was lifted up out of the pit (Jeremiah 38:7–13).

Sometime later God send him a message of his protection because of his trust in God (Jeremiah 39:15–18).
In tune with the words of Jesus this man is rewarded for the good he did to a prophet in trouble (Matthew 10:40–42).

Who knows if your trouble is going to cause someone to find salvation (Acts 16:25–34), or find favour with God.
On the other hand, let us like Ebed Melech, in practical ways, try to encourage believers persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.

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