Will the Queen of the South Rise Up Against You?

Who is going to stand at the judgement to condemn you? The Queen of the South.

The queen of Sheba was a foreigner to Israel and lived far away. She heard about Solomon and traveled many many days to reach Jerusalem.

She heard two things about Solomon. One was his wisdom. The other was his relation to the name of the LORD. She came to test Solomon with hard questions. Nothing was too hard for Solomon to explain to her. And seeing everything around Solomon including his worship of the LORD she was overwhelmed.

But then why did Jesus say that she will rise up at judgement against that generation of his time? It was because she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom (Matthew 12:42). She heard about Solomon and came searching for him to find out personally for herself as to the truth of all what she had heard (1 Kings 10:6, 7).
Yet the generation of the time of Jesus was rejecting him who was greater than Solomon. The queen had to travel long to meet Solomon. But Jesus had come to his own but was rejected.

What is its message to you today? God has been repeatedly sending you opportunities to know Jesus and grow in your knowledge of him. But you have been lazy and complacent. Your not spending quality time with God indicates the fact that you do not take Jesus seriously. He is just a miracle worker and jolly good Santa Claus who will bless you. Bless you for what? For seeking his blessings and not seeking a relationship with him. May that never happen.

See the queen of Sheba brought much to Solomon. But she got more in return; more than what she asked and desired for (1 Kings 10:13). Why? Because she came from very far away, “from the ends of earth,” to have a personal encounter with Solomon, the wisest man of his time.

You who boast of years of knowing Jesus; do you really know him? See, people who never was raised up in churches, those who are unbelievers are seeking out Jesus. While you have kept him standing out and knocking (Rev. 3:20). No wonder the Queen of the South will rise up at the judgement!

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