“Why This Waste?”

“Why this waste (Matthew 26:8)?” That was man’s estimate of love lavished on Jesus. But Jesus valued that act of love which made that woman pour perfume on his head.

We need more people with this kind of a give it all attitude. We need more believers who will not count the cost but sacrifice everything for the gospel.

Such “waste” happens only when love compels you to do so. It happens as a result of great devotion to the person of Jesus Christ. Those who know nothing of such intense love and devotion call the outpouring of love a “waste.”
But this “waste” is highly valued in God’s estimate. “She has done a beautiful thing to me,” is what Jesus said about the pouring out of an expensive perfume on his head.

In yet another unique way this act was a ministry unto Jesus. His death was very near. And time was short. When no one else in the circle of his disciples had anything to offer this woman showed this expensive display of devotion.
Only a heart full of gratitude to God can do this. Only someone who values Jesus above all else can do this. Only one who has a glimpse of eternity can do this. For such a person no act is too costly if it can express his or her love for God.

Jesus commended her saying “Wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her (v. 13).”

My friend, is there one instance in life when you spent lavishly for God’s kingdom? Is there a time you put together all you had to render one act of kindness for the sake of the gospel? Some opportunities are always there with you (v. 11). But there are some occasions which if you miss will never come back!

Imagine that the woman knew it ahead of time that Jesus came here to give his own blood to save her and everyone else on this planet. No wonder she grabbed, probably, the most expensive item in her house when she rushed to meet him.

Now, we know what he came here for. What would you give him?

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