God Is Looking for One Man


There is a time and opportunity that will come in your life when you have got to stand for God. Phinehas was one such person. When the Israelites sinned against God by committing sexual immorality with Moabites, he stood up and killed a man and woman who were openly doing it.

It was a bold act. And it checked the plague that came on the Israelites as a result of this sin. Note that their sin was not just a case of sexual immorality; it also opened the door for worshipping false gods and idols. Therefore God burned with anger and had sent the plague which already killed 24000 Israelites. (Numbers 25)

Centuries later, the Psalmist commented on this act of Phinehas and said that what he did was credited to him as righteousness for endless generations to come (see Psalm 106:28—31).

So what are lessons you can gather from his example?

First and foremost, when evil takes root in the church and in the community of believers, you have got to stand up and act. Of course you are not called to act in a physical manner like Phinehas did. Your primary weapon is that of prayer. Will you take it as a challenge to stand with God and against evil in prayer?

Yes, God is looking for one man (or woman) to stand in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30). Will you disappoint God? See, do not tell God about your insignificance. He knows it already. The question is are you willing to take a bold stand for God. the boy David took it as he faced Goliath and saved a nation. Esther risked her life to speak to the king and save a nation.

Your one act of standing for God can make a difference in the lives of several. It is important to note that your role in life no one else can do.




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