Against All Hope, Abraham in Hope Believed God!

Abraham believed God. Not when every situation was positive. Quite the opposite. He believed God’s promise to him regarding a son when his body was as good as dead.

Is something dead in your life? The God of Abraham is your God; isn’t he? If God has given you a promise he is able to fulfil. Abraham knew that the reality in human terms is that at hundred he cannot have a child; and Sarah was ninety. He faced these facts without weakening in his faith.

Therefore the Bible records, against all hope, Abraham in hope believed God. That means he waited for twenty-five years for the promised son fighting against all negative thoughts in his mind about the sheer impossibility of the situation.

The Bible says that he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God. Instead he was strengthened in faith. See the purpose of waiting long for God’s promises to be fulfilled. His faith grew like a tree sending down its roots deep as years pass by so that winds don’t uproot it. So shall your faith be strengthened for the glory of God while you wait.

What then was the basis of his faith? He believed that God can give life to the dead and call things that are not as though they were.

Let us think on this for a moment. In the busyness of life do we not forget the majesty and greatness of our God? He is not limited by any of our negative circumstances. When he acts, who can reverse it (Isaiah 43:13)?

God at one point in time led Abraham outside his tent and asked to look up and count the stars if he could count them (Genesis 15:5). This is God’s perspective on our situations. He gives a limitless vision of his greatness.
So today what you need is not a solution to the problem confronting you; but what you need is an understanding of the greatness of God who gives life to the dead.

He can bring a change in any situation, no matter how long the situation has remain unchanged, by calling into being things that did not exist before.

Abraham became our father in the sight of God when he believed the promise of God. We serve the same mighty God—the God of Abraham. He changes not (Malachi 3:6). Never allow that to be forgotten. In hope against hope, believe what he has promised! [Based on Romans 4:16–21].

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