Now Amnon Had A Friend

What a precious thing friendship is! But what a dangerous thing friendship can become when your friend is someone who gives you wicked counsel. As far as Amnon, David’s son was concerned, he had a friend (2 Samuel 13:3). His name was Jonadab and he was his cousin too. Yet when he came to know of Amnon’s love towards his sister, instead of giving advice that Amnon should not proceed with it, Jonadab gives wicked advice (2 Samuel 13:5). That ended in Amnon violating his sister Tamar. What a sad and tragic situation the wicked counsel of a friend brought about. Think about it.

But it did not end there. It seems that Jonadab knew about the threat against Amnon’s life (2 Samuel 13:32-33). Yet there is no record of him ever having asked Amnon to take any protective measures. Now what does that mean? It shows us that Jonadab after giving wicked counsel just leaves Amnon to face the consequences. So be warned child of God. Your friends who give you wicked counsel will not be there to save you when you face the consequences of following their advice. So in the first place, do not listen to wicked advice at all.

What a contrast to this friendship was the friendship between David and Jonathan. Not only had they sworn friendship with each other in the name of the LORD, but also Jonathan helps David escape with his life (1 Samuel 20:42). On another occasion Jonathan went out to where David was hiding and helped him find strength in God (1 Samuel 23:16). What a lovely example this is. Even after Jonathan’s death, David remembers his friend and shows kindness to his son Mephibosheth for Jonathan’s sake (2 Samuel 9:1). This is the kind of friendship that you should seek to have; a friendship based on your relationship with God, and where good values and trust in God are encouraged.

Do not be like Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, who rejecting the advice of the elders who had served his father listened to the advice of the young men who had grown up with him (1 Kings 12:13, 14). Now there is nothing wrong with asking the opinion of your friends. But here it is a case of rejecting wisdom that caused Rehoboam to lose the loyalty of a vast majority of the Israelite tribes so that the kingdom was ever since divided. When listening to your friends, weigh their advice and see whether it has wisdom in it. If not, listen to your elders, your parents and others who have walked with God many more years than your friends have seen.

Yes, at the end of your life, the world might record that you had a friend! Today, better make sure that you have a friend who walks with God. Otherwise when the world points out that you had a friend, it might be too late.


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