Not Afraid of Giants

Being confident in God is a great thing. If you can sustain that confidence even into your sunset years it is still greater.

The Bible showcases for us Caleb who had an unwavering confidence in God. He and Joshua were the only two who crossed into Canaan from their generation.

After reaching the land of Canaan we find Caleb approaching Joshua to claim his inheritance in the promised land. He was eighty five.

First of all, he still had a burning faith and he was brimming with confidence. He was even now ready to fight and conquer. He for forty five years had waited for God to give him the opportunity to claim a land for himself.

Secondly he is not afraid of giants or the mountains. He is ready to fight them. He is not like many others who saw themselves as grasshoppers (Numbers 13:33b) before giants. How do you see yourself? Do you trust in God to conquer giants? Only a man or woman who sees God in his greatness can take on giants in this fashion.

Thirdly, his confidence was on God’s promise and God’s help. The Bible adds a comment he was successful in his venture because he followed his God wholeheartedly. In his case it meant that he did not waver in his faith even when popular opinion was against his conviction and stand for God.

You might not be called to physical battle like Caleb. But you can certainly follow his example by staying strong in the Lord and taking on giants in spiritual warfare even till old age. [Based on Joshua 14:6–15].

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