Return to Your First Love

Love grows along with years. The quality of time spent together increases. It leads to better understanding, sympathy, appreciation and greater joy in being in the company of each other. Perhaps words are less spoken as years go by. This is how love grows.

Though love is best understood like this in a human relationship like between husband and wife, it is also true in the relationship between man and God. Love can grow in this relationship too. But what is observed in many Christian lives is that as years pass by the love of people towards God grows cold. There are many reasons that causes this: worries of life, trying to get more riches, the increase of evil in this world; all can cause love towards God to grow cold.

It is therefore important to listen to Jesus’ words to the church in Ephesus: “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first” (Revelation 2:4, 5 NIV). In these words is given to us a clue to know whether we have lost our first love. It is by comparing how we act now with how we used to act when we first fell in love with our husband or wife. The same comparison applies to our relationship with God.

Think about it. Did you not find it a joy in doing little things for your spouse in the early days of your marriage? You were very thoughtful and considerate and gentle in your ways and speech then; were it not so? Now things might have changed much. You get irritated more often. You forget to remember your spouse’s little needs. What caused all this change? Nothing else but a loss of first love.

So also in your relationship with God. You had great joy when you first found Jesus as your Saviour and Lord; didn’t you? You joyfully went to worship meetings and told about your new-found joy and love and hope in Jesus to others. You read your Bible eagerly and spent time in prayer. You gave from your little money to missions and lived sacrificially.

Has all this changed in recent years? If so, you have forsaken your first love. God is giving you a second chance today. He is pointing out to you the loss of your love. Yet He wants you to come back. He wants you to return to Him with all the joy and happiness of falling in love once again. Would you listen to His warning? Would you welcome this second chance?


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