4. Jesus Was Purpose-Driven

Jesus was always driven with a purpose. The great sense of the mission He had to fulfill was very strong in Him. In other words, He always referred to having been “sent” to this world by His Father:

“For I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me” (John 8:42b NIV). In other passages in the Gospel of John, Jesus repeats and emphasizes this fact continually (Ref. John 4:34, 6:29, 7:16,28,33, 12:44, 17:13, 20:21).

In the light of this fact, you need to remember that Jesus has sent you out into the world as He was sent to this earth by His Father. So if you can have a sense of purpose in your life then it is easy to do God’s will. That means you need to know for what God has sent you to this world for!

But understanding that purpose may take some time. Many people fail here. They try to do what others are doing. That kind of a work may not be God’s purpose for your life. So the first thing to seek out with God’s help is the purpose of your life.

I would like to borrow an illustration many have used for this purpose. What if the eagle wished to swim? And what if the fish wanted to fly? You consider it absurd; don’t you? But isn’t that what many Christians try to do.

Instead of rejoicing and being content with the unique abilities that God has given them, they try to be somebody else–imitate some other leader whom they admire or be jealous of somebody with different talents.

The will of God in your life as far as purpose is concerned is related to who you are; not what you wish you would have been like. God has fully accepted you in Jesus Christ. And therefore accept yourself as you are and let God fulfill His divine purpose through you.

It was this sense of purpose that enabled Jesus to say that He had to work while it was day. He knew His mission had to be completed within a specific period of time as determined by God the Father. Again, it was this sense of purpose that enabled Him to rebuke Peter saying, “Get behind me Satan” and set His face resolutely towards Jerusalem and the cross.

Blessed and happy are you, if you have a God-given purpose in your life. Then in spite of being hard pressed on every side, you will not be crushed; you will not be in despair even when perplexed; you will not think yourself abandoned even when you are persecuted and you will not be destroyed even when struck down (Ref. 2 Corinthians 4:8,9 NIV).

Paul was able to write this because he too like His Savior Jesus was driven by a purpose. He made that clear when he said: “I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven” (Acts 26:19b NIV). So have a God-given purpose in your life and you will be able to fulfill God’s will in your life in spite of all setbacks that come across your way.

Now what could possibly be the God-given purpose for your life? Does it mean that only missionaries have a God-given purpose? Absolutely not!

God-given purpose in your life could be to be a good driver, or be a loving mother, or an excellent organist, or be a faithful missionary. All these are examples of God-given purpose in a Christian life.

In all these areas of life a person can excel and thereby communicate God’s love and share the gospel of Jesus. For everyone has been sent in that respect.

Summary: Fulfilling the God-given purpose for your life is doing God’s will.

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