Start to Rebuild the Walls of Your Life Now

It is never late to start rebuilding the walls of your life. Start with trust in God and prayer.

Your strength and resources might be limited. But when you are plugged in to God, who is unlimited in every way, there is no end to what can be accomplished.

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know,” 1 is God’s promise. You can trust that without doubt.

The next step is to have an earnest and burning desire to rebuild the walls of one’s life. Do not look at all that is broken down and feel discouraged. People will come to help you. There will be joy and singing at the end of your rebuilding process.

The third step is to have a vision to complete rebuilding. It can be your life, studies, career, marriage, or anything else.

See, broken down walls allow outside influences to have inroads into your life. Therefore dream of, plan to, and act towards rebuilding your walls.

Again, be alert. Be on constant watch. There will come people who will mock you. They will try to discourage you. Do not allow criticism to tire you down when you are rebuilding. God is watching over you. He will strengthen you to finish what you began to do.

But then you need to seek the united support of a few who believe in what you are trying to do. Seek their counsel and listen to those who speak words of faith and hope. Give ear to those who boost your confidence in God.

Now you need to be ready for the long journey ahead. The process of rebuilding will take time. Do not give up when things slow down or come to a standstill. What takes just minutes to tear down might take years to rebuild.

Yes, rebuilding does not happen in a day. It will take tears and toil, sweat and perseverance. You have to fuel hope when circumstances look negative. Yet with vision and hope, with courage and conviction, with grit and endurance, you can find success in rebuilding the walls of your life.

Others might have despised you and you might have faced rejection. Failures of your past can haunt you. But the equation is incomplete when God who says, “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten,”2 is left out.

When he steps in, mountains of opposition will melt like wax, bronze gates that barred your way will be broken down, crooked roads that prevented your progress will be made straight, and there will be streams in the desert to refresh and revive your tired mind and spirit. Yes the walls of your life will be rebuilt even in trying times.

But once your walls are rebuilt, watch the gates. Do not allow undesirable influences that tear down creep in through the gates: Your own laziness, thought habits, wrong relationships, or modern day distraction of social media can pull your walls down. So be alert. Be watchful.

If walls have been breached already do not lose heart. Admit your mistakes. Seek forgiveness wherever applicable. Humble yourself before God and start rebuilding with greater enthusiasm.

Finally, let me remind you again. There is no substitute for reliance in God in prayer for wisdom to rebuild the walls of one’s life. Never forget that success you enjoy today will not be permanent if you forget to rebuild your walls. “Arise, and build!”

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Inspired by: “Let us start rebuilding” (Nehemiah 2:18 Bible): Read more: Old Testament Walk Through: Nehemiah

1Jeremiah 33:3
2Joel 2:25

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