The Miracle on the Road to Emmaus Is Not What You Thought It Is!

It was a journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus, a village 7 miles away. Two men walked and talked. Their hearts were sad.

A stranger joined them. They did not recognize him. He asked them, “What are you talking about?”

They stood still; unable to assess how this person missed the momentous event that all had witnessed just two days ago.

So they asked, “Are you the only person who has visited Jerusalem and not knowing about all that happened?”

“What things?” the stranger asked. They began to tell him how their hopes were dashed when the One they had put their trust in was crucified.

But that is not all, they added. Some women among us amazed us this morning. They said that they were met by angels at the tomb of this man. They said he is alive! And his body the women found not.

The stranger then began to open their hearts to understand from what was written in the Scriptures about himself. Still their eyes were not opened to recognize him. But their hearts felt a strange burning.

There was something familiar about him that they couldn’t recognize. Until; a little later he gave thanks to God and broke bread and ate with them and disappeared from their sight.

But that was because it was nearing sunset. And the two men had invited to him to come stay with them as he was trying to move on further.

“Come, stay with us,” they had told him. What a miracle awaited them. They saw and talked with the Risen Christ. And he was recognized in the homely act of breaking the bread around the dinner table.

Miracles are not made of extraordinary stuff. The miracle is that we miss to see God each day as he travels with us in the ordinary, routine, and sometimes boring day-to-day activities of life! He walks with us on sad-end roads and makes real the meaning of the Son-rise to us!

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The Post is based on the Gospel of Luke 24:13–35 Bible

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