Men in Uniform

Have you seen men in uniform? For example, take the case of a group of soldiers. What a lovely sight it is to see them march to the tune of the army band! There is beauty, order, rhythm and harmony in their march. They follow the Commander wherever he leads. And they obey him without questioning.

From a distance they all appear the same. Only as they come near can you spot their facial features. They are all different. But they function as if they had one mind. This is because all follow the Commander and trusts and obeys him.

Their uniform is matched to their Commander’s dress. In fact, no one without uniform is permitted to march in their unit. If someone tries to do so, he will be easily spotted because of the different dress that he is wearing. He will be put out of their group quickly. Since it is an army, he will face punishment too for not wearing the given uniform.

In this army, the Commander is the one who gives uniforms to all his soldiers. Nobody can stitch his own uniform. This is because it will never have the high standard and perfection of the uniform that the Commander gives. In reality, there is one simple rule to be in this army: Wear the uniform the Commander gives! Or be thrown out!

But if a soldier’s uniform gets dirty and soiled in the battle, he can run to the Commander. He has a fountain where stained clothes are washed. Then they become bright and clean. With this shining uniform, they can continue to march behind the Commander again.

As night falls, all of them march to the inside of the castle. They are safe there because their Commander is always with them.

Truth Flags

  • Jesus is your Commander.
  • Jesus clothes you with His own uniform. The Bible calls it, His righteousness.
  • Jesus changes filthy uniforms and gives new clean ones.
  • The dirty uniforms are washed in the blood of Jesus.
  • God wants all who believe in His Son Jesus, including you, to be like Him.

For further study:

References (NIV)

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