Seek God: Return to Your First Love!

Where have we failed?

God has his moments of disappointment with each one of us. Often we think that it is limited to times when we sin. Sadly, that is not true. There are many more occasions when we bring pain to the heart of God.

First and foremost we need to understand God seeks our company. God had asked us to seek him (Amos 5:4). But we are too busy–sometimes the tragedy is that we are busy in the Lord’s work. Jesus felt the pain of not having a listening ear when he was just very near the time of his crucifixion.

But Martha was busy. And she complained. Will you take some time to sit and listen to Jesus today? He is not asking you to do anything big, but just come and give him company.

Secondly, like the wicked, we too have no room in our thoughts for God (Psalm 10:4). See, we have a wrong idea about God’s call in our lives. Often we think of it as God asking us to go as a missionary, or calling us to preach or do some particular task for God.

As long as this thinking dominates our minds, we miss what is God’s primary call in our lives. The greatest call Jesus gave to all is, “Come to me.” The disciples were called to be with him (Mark 3:14). But we want to run ahead of God.

Finally, love for God makes time for God. He is a lover. And he seeks his bride and beloved. For what? To rejoice with her. But what about the bride? Is she running after others? Is she busy with her ornaments? See, love toward God is not an emotion as many mistakenly think about it. Love is a response to the sacrificial giving of God on the cross.

But how many of us pray without asking God for anything in particular? Is that possible? When prayer becomes a simple walking into God’s presence, and when he asks you, “My child, what brings you here?” and you reply, “Simply nothing. Just came to hang around here,” and you walk out after spending some time in his presence seeking nothing, asking nothing but simply having desired his company; then you have started to really pray.

The truth is that God is waiting–like a disappointed lover. Asking himself, “What more could have been done for my vineyard than I have done for it (Isaiah 5:4)?” Unless he is your first love in life; you are disappointing God time and again. Let me repeat, repent when God reminds you of sin in your life. But repent greatly for having lost your first love for him (Rev. 2:4). Therefore return to your first love! Amen.

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