Tips on How to Overcome Temptation

Is there any man or woman who has not been tempted? With what or by whom is not the point. The whole question is about how do you respond to temptation; whatever that be.

Now if that is the case, you need to know that if something keeps on knocking at the door of your heart or mind; the temptation is still outside. It doesn’t have a foothold inside you yet. Never entertain the thought that the temptation can force open the door. No. You alone have the power to let it in.

Now having opened the door; do not say lame excuses. Don’t try to say that it was the circumstance, or some people who caused you to yield to temptation. No. The choice and the decision to do so was entirely yours. Of course, you might have faced tremendous pressure from different sources. But take responsibility for your action.

If you ask me the best option to face temptation, it is to flee from the source of temptation. The more time you spend at the source of temptation the chances are you will surely fall. Flee! Run away! Don’t stay to count the teeth of the lion that is charging at you!

The second best option is to have good friends who care about you and give you good advice and motivate you to excel in life.

The third best option is to be engaged in good activities, hobbies and sports and games. It keeps you busy, gives you a good feel about yourselves and gives you immense satisfaction as well.

The next best option is to cut off possibilities of a return to tempting situations. If it was a wrong friendship break all contact with him or her, for example.

Above all, if you choose to trust God, seek his help in prayer. He is always willing to help. He understands what you are passing through. And he is not Someone who is coming after you to condemn you; but to lift you up from your spirit of negativity and despair.

Since you have access to such help, resist the urge to yield to temptation. Never forget; you don’t sleep or play games in a battlefield. Be ever alert and watchful. When the urge to yield seems uncontrollable, launch your best weapon against temptation by calling it a lie!

Finally, remember that temptations can make you or break you. Some of the tallest and strongest trees on mountaintops like the cedars of Lebanon stand firm in storms because they have roots going deep down. Be firmly rooted in God. And then you will stand.

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